Saturday, October 29, 2005

OH GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH NO! I think i have just lost an assignment somewhere in one of the computers in the computer lab. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
I had about 20 words to do and now it has gone. I had to move computers so sent it to myself but it hasn't turned up. Now I have to dot he whole bloody thing again.. I am VERY pissed off.

You're it

I tag Gary ( ... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....
sorry. i know you are away for wedding but when you get back you have your work cut out for you!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Ok, jumping on the bandwagon of tagging...

Ok, 20 things... this isn't an easy task but thank god the buses in Auckland are always late. I had time to think of the majority of interesting (ha!) titbits while waiting to go to the panel evening.
So, here goes. Please stay awake.

1. At present I am unnervingly close to finishing my first year of a Sign Language Interpreting Diploma. This time next year (all going well) I will be interpreting. Dear god save me.

2. I've kept a diary damn near consistently since I was 15 and my oh my are they interesting to read over from time to time. What was I thinking back then?

3. My prize possessions are all my photos (truckloads of them) and a huge art deco floor lamp that I paid an extortionate amount of money for because it was a dream come true.

4. Having moved up to Auckland at the beginning of the year to do this diploma, I am having difficulty finding myself and am on a long journey of self discovery at the moment but it has it's ups and downs. No light at the end of the tunnel as yet but I'm working on it.

5. Family and friends are my life lines in my version of who wants to be a millionaire. Not that I will be a millionaire and really it has nothing to do with money but I do often opt to 'phone a friend' and 'ask the audience'. All I usually get is '50:50' (jokes) but I love them all to pieces How I would survive without them is beyond me. J especially keeps my spirits high and the movie quotes are infinite. And mum who often pulls out the logical calls that I thought could be beyond her. Amazing what a bit of pressure can do. Love you all to bits.

6. I adore writing. Not only the expressive part of it but the physical act of putting pen to paper as well. Hence why I have had a diary for so many years. I would love, one day, to have something published. Possibly a childrens book. But it's on the back burner at the moment.

7. I have a habit of saying really stupid things - some of which have been commented on in previous posts. Eg, 'they've gone a bit overboard on the Titanic stuff, don't you think?' totally unintentionally. And one about ECPAT that has been mentioned earlier.

8. The majority of my pets have had quite odd names. Wedge and Wicker are my 2 rats at the moment following on from Question and Whatamess. Not quite sure why. May relate back to love of writing. I really like those words.

9. Recently I have decided that one of my dreams is to live on a farm (possibly Makaretu) and have house trained pigs roaming in and out. And chickens and ducks that follow you around. And some sheep and cattle. And donkeys and horses. The list goes on.

10. My hairstyle/colour changes as much as the weather up here - constantly. What can I say? I get bored easily.

11. Contrary to many other people, particularly most of my friends, I would rather work than study. Bring on the money.

12. My sense of fashion is appalling (I can never remember if that has a 'u' in it). Try as I might I just cannot compete with my peers. Damn you all.

13. But, on that same topic, I HATE shopping. Especially shoes, bras and jeans. HATE HATE HATE. I would rather eat sawdust.

14. I am a hoarder. I can't help it. I feel that somewhere later in life, all the totally random bits and pieces that I have kept over the years (including a giant piece of kelp) will one day be of some use.

15. Another dream of mine is to one day own my own cafe/bar. I'm not a very business-minded person though so it may take some time. I have a name for it and everything!

16. I have an awful phobia of those green Scotch-Brite scourer things. I will not touch them with an ungloved hand. They are so gross and disturbing. One of my workmates has the same phobia and described it as chewing on a big woollen jumper. Ugh. Gross.

17. Having said that I hate shopping, one of the things I could never have enough of is stationery. Totally addicted and end up spending close to all of my course related costs on things like hole punches, 50 different types of blue pen, copious amounts of refill and blank note books which are never used because I don't want to ruin the beauty of their unmarked pages.

18. I'm late for everything. It runs in my family. Not my fault. But, I would like to say that I am actually getting better and my lecturer blames it on Deaf culture. They are the same.

19. As far as vehicles go, I have had 2. At the same time I think. One was a 1998 Suzuki TR50 Street Magic called Excaliber. He looked like a wasp. He was so cool until some evil bastard stole him. Grrr... and the other was a 1980 Vauxhall Chevette that I bought with my boyfriend. he was super cool. His name was Alf and he cost us $100 in the old Tuesday marketplace in the Dom. He served us well for 6 months but then the brakes died and long story short, we had to give him away as parts. boo hoo. He even had cool blue racing stripes.

20. One of my biggest regrets is giving up horse riding. One day I will get back into it. Probably when I have my farm and house trained pigs. Will keep you posted on that one.

So, there you have it. I hope you are all still alive. I think I may have just figured out how to add links. I will give it a go. Wish me luck.

Love to you all...
K xx

really bored Posted by Picasa

Oh god i am so bored.... have to go to panel evening for school soon. the past couple of days have been spent taking photos of this one flower in an attempt to be arty farty and obviously it has not worked. cool flower though.

anyway, i have 3 weeks left of uni and then into pretty much full time work. joy joy... but do have 3 weeks off over xmas. YAY! as far as uni goes, i really have no idea what i'm doing. have quite a few assignments and tests but its all a bit of a mess at the mo. oh well, one day at a time.

i can't wait for this semester to be over though. it's going to be great. it feels like summer is finally here. spent all afternoon at the beach with kate et al. was very nice if a tad windy. can't wait to complain about the heat rather than the rain. i am never satisfied. if it could just stay like today (or yesterday maybe better) for the rest of my life, that would be great. have a feeling that may not happen.

have a few events to go to in the next couple of weeks. of course it will be the busiest time of the year but god damnit i am going to make time for myself even if it kills me. supposedly painting the town red with orange and purple dots on saturday night with a few workmates. should be funny.

anyway, must go put glad rags on for the panel evening (it will be SO exciting!) and possibly rid myself of gross sunblock residue.

have fun!

K xx

20 things about me ( as if you care)

Following Rosie's very mean tagging of us to write 20 things about ourselves, I shall now list 20 things about me. A disclaimer though, Number One is that I'm fickle and always changing my mind, so what's here might not be what I was a month ago or will be a month from now.

1. I am fickle (god, had you guessing right?). I have changed my hair colour from black to light blond each year for old am I?...8 years. I decide I hate stuff, then I decide I don't. How annoying.

2. I am very sensitive. I have been known to cry at TV commercials, most notably a Telecom ad. News stories make me cry badly, and sad movies and funny movies. Last night I got all choked up at FUTURAMA of all things cos Fry's nephew fulfilled his dreams of being the first man on Mars.

3. I MUST WIN ARGUMENTS. Ask K or Rosie at I am SO ANNOYING when I think I'm right. I also am so annoying when I know I might be wrong, but the argument is too fun to abandon. I can see people getting frustrated, but arguing or at least being argumentative is the only cure for boredom....I am a slave to boredom (a la Evelyn Waugh) so I provoke people for fun. It's a bad habit.

4. I love music, but cannot sing. It is sad sad sad. Rosie and Kerry and my good mates Alice and Amelia and Catherine all sing like angels, Dad was a great singer but no I got Mum's extreme tonedeafness. It is mucho sucky.

5. My music taste is highly eclectic. I'm not sure this is a good thing. I will listen to opera when drunk and melancholy, I love the Libertines and Iggy Pop but also Johnny Cash and Madonna and Wu Tang. I also have an album by a Korean castrati, Jung Le Hun. I am not sure if it is OK to listen to a man who's had his balls chopped off....I like Nina Simone especially right now and I'm Feeling Good.

6. I am a big geek. I have a BA and soon will have BA Hons in Classics and a LLB. Apart from technical geekiness at Uni I am a big reader and the font of all useless knowledge. I make classics jokes all the time. I say stupid stuff and I always laugh at my own jokes.

7. The happy upshot of (6) is that I am the QUEEN of trivia. I can win Trivial Pursuit hands down against almost anyone, I can sit and answer all the Jeopardy questions and Who WAnts to Be a Millionaire. It has been a financial bonus too, winning pub quizes for beer and the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire computer game in Murphy's in Wellington, I won $15 (which is a LOT for a pub game).

8. I love my family very much. They are all mad as cut snakes (as they say here in OZ) and totally argumentative and annoying like me. We have rip-roaring barneys all the time and drink too much and swear too much but I wouldn't give them up for the world. We get drunk and Dad gets devil's whiskers (red wine stains on the corner of his mouth) and we scream and shout and debate politics and laugh at stupid people. It's great.

9. Without my friends I would be totally uncool. K, especially, keeps me laughing. We have the exact same sense of humour and understand exactly what the other is saying. We have been firends since the first day we met (actually she had a cool dog and an American step-father (kinda) and I had come back from California). Rosie is totally my style icon. What a style maven! She is always avant garde with clothes and hair and make-up etc. I always feel like a big galoot when Rosie is near, despite her claim to clumsiness. I am not going to go on but all my friends are super-cool and I love them all big-time, even when I am pissy and/or being provocative.

10. I am the daughter of a diplomat and so have lived overseas but NOT in any of the cool places. We lived in Ottawa, Canada and in LA. Went to South Central once, esse (essay? dunno me no cholo) but mostly Santa Monica with the rich folks.

11. We lived on the same street as OJ Simpson. Went trick-or-treating at his house. Before he killed (or not? Nah we all know he's guilty) his wife. Always dead bodies (fake) lying around his front lawn ( I mean for decoration at Halloween, if it was ALL the time we'd have suspected he was a bit screwy).

12. My parents took to me to Las Vegas when they won a free trip. We stayed at the Pink Flamingo which is the hotel Hunter S. Thompson stayed at in Fear and Loathing (or maybe it was just the movie???). Anyway, my parents naively left me with a nice old lady babysitter who I don't remember but, in retrospect, my parents think was probably a crack-whore.

13. My family are a family of sailors. We sail lots, though I am more a lounge about on the forward deck in a bikini with a gin than America's Cup yachtsman. I love being at sea, nothing to distract you but a book and the sunshine. Cabin Fever is bad news though, and a week on a yacht with my snoring, farting family can be a bit intense. Also, though there's a small shower in the head, the only real way to keep clean is to swim off the side. This is OK in warm, clear water, but when it's dark or murky all I imagine is sharks and big munchies. So I get scared and jump into the water only to literally levitate out of it in fear. My family frolic, I panic.

14. In Ottawa, I went to a French Canadian school and spoke only french. Then, in NZ, I did french for six years up to Bursary level. I got an A in Bursary French. How much French can I speak: 0. Nada. None.

15. I can read a bit of Ancient Greek though (see number 6).

16. I went to Greece for 6 weeks as part of a Uni course. It was intense but AMAZING. Literally the best experience of my life. I LOVED it. Not only seeing all the amazing sites I had been fascinated by since I was little, but also just being there. The Grecians loved us kiwis, coz we fought so hard for them in WW2. Free raki. Nice one.

17. I am going to be Queen of the Universe. Just warning ya.

18. I am SO bad with boys. I always fall in love with friends, when it's too late. I tend to be matey, not flirty. I argue too much. It's painfully stupid.

19. I am TOTALLY addicted to: Diet Coke, alcohol, cigarettes, NW magazine, shoes, bags.
I hope not to be addicted to: crack, porn.

20. I am crippled by self-doubt, despite all my bluster. Crippled. I am always afraid that people will discover I'm not funny or smart and, as for my looks, well.... Hence, NO one must mock me for this list or I'll cry, argue with you, or drink heavily to forget about it.

J xoxoxo

new photo

Me and Stephen at the Phoenix.

We look unhappy but it's about 1 hour after our theses were due. So look of pure evil is nothing more than extreme tiredness combined with being jaded but also satisfied and a bit releived.

Stephen gets 90% + in Latin and, doing Latin honours by writing about someone obscure called Orosius (never heard of him? Me neither), ALSO has Honours in Law AND History. He is therefore, technically, A BIG GEEK but also very cool.

I hate that photo, but the imperatives of fastidiously documenting every moment of my life have overcome my vanity. YAYA death to vanity.

Tonight we are all going to my teacher Claire's house for drinkies coz class has finished for the year, and we are all pretty close having spent a year with only 5 of us...And then I get the special treat of returning to my house to find it FILLED with old folks...some kind of drinks party for ASEAN reps ( as if I know what that means even!). Woe is me.

Hope y'all out there are happy, having fun.

J xoxox

Thursday, October 27, 2005

owning rosie

cats blood

OK so I've had big problems with my pussy haha.

He broke off a claw a couple of weeks ago ( I am sure no one cares but it has been a big deal for me.)

On tues I took my big pussy to the vet and they bandaged him up. We take his bandage off only to find him chewing it and its bad. By sat, he had chewed the new bandage off. I went to a meeting with my supervisor Claire, who is a cool lady - we sat on her porch drinking red wine - but I came to her house covered in cats blood which, considering I had done a thesis on a witch who had blood for breakfast, was a little too literal- anyway, long story short, after many weeks of pain and suffering (for catty and also for me because he likes to take people he loves and cut them up) he has had his toe removed.

I am over egging the custard, I know, but when my darling catty cat is in serious pain and has no crying or whinging ( like I would exhibit should I be hurt) I am sad sad sad.

Feel love for my catty he is sad and unhappy.

The 20 best (worst) things about me are forthcoming... seek and thou shalt find.

J xoxox

Monday, October 24, 2005

thesis celebrations


Had quite a weekend post thesis handing in - it was an amazing feeling and the sense of relief so powerful. Unfortunately sense of relief quickly morphed into feeling of intense alcoholism hehe. Spent the weekend having great times though - definitley memorable!

All y'all problem drinkers out there know how easily looking sharp:

Can degenerate to this: oh deary deary me!

Curse of the pasty skin

Having rained consistently for what seems like forever, we finally get a day of sun. By that I mean it is 50 50. Half sun, half ominous dark clouds. But, this morning, I ran outside to soak up some rays and literally within a minute, the sun had gone. So I waited, and waited, for the sun to return. After about 15 minutes (it was starting to get a bit chilly in the shade) I went inside. When I turned around, the fucking sun was out. Grrrr.... so I got my things and went back out. But, of bloody course, it went straight behind a cloud again. This has now happened several times. It's like a game of hide and seek. I am never going to get the chance to hide. I am doomed to be the seeker forever. So depressing. Why must the sun be so cruel?

I cannot express quite how pasty and gross I am (besides face rash, which is also gross but not pasty... flaky maybe... ha.. PASTRY). I am in desperate need of sun and FAST. If I am going to show my face in public anytime this summer, I must have a nice base tan. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.

On a brighter note, at least it's not raining and is closer to 20 degrees than it has been for a while. I'm going to lurk behind the door and wait for the sun to come back out, then bound outside for a brief second of warmth and possible step closer to a tan. It's at the point where the sun is just being reflected off me. Maybe I'm blinding the sun and that's why it runs away.
Hmm... sounds like roof is about to collapse. Not good.

Flaky pastry.

K xx

Sunday, October 23, 2005

home shopping network

I know I am repetitive but ONCE AGAIN canberry's markets have spewed forth amazing little pieces for me to pick up!

I got a leather clutch bag in a great brown with tortoiseshell clasp, and a chunky art-deco ring. For both? $25! together! giggidy giggidy.

J xoxo

Friday, October 21, 2005

Farewell Kerry

Oh dear god! I am dying of some unknown disease. For the past couple of days I have been sick with what was yesterday diagnosed as a viral chest infection. That's fine - drink lots of water, rest and look after myself. But this morning I woke up with a rash - ON MY FACE! It's not your normal kind of rash but more like a severe breakout but more of tiny blisters than pimples (I'm sure you all want to know this!). And it's SUPER painful. Almost like a carpet burn kind of pain.
I went to the chemist after seeing this and showed the woman behind the counter. I thought maybe she could suggest some kind of skin soother. She called over the pharmacist and they both just subtly backed away from me. So having looked me over from a distance gave me a free antihistamine and a cream to apply 4 times a day. Having applied the correct amount of cream 3 times so far, and taken the giant pill it seems to be getting worse. Not spreading but just getting worse in the already affected area. Plus, I have just noticed that I have some funny red dots on my chest. Lots of them but not like lumps, just dots. Like if you press a towel really hard against your skin for a while. Awful. I am going to the doctor again. Wish me luck...
K xx

the doctor had never seen anything quite like it

Haha here's a pic of K I took earlier!
I hope you are feeling better stinkbug.

ALso, great news


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

under duress

in response to some pressure from an unnamed source (

and in reply to Rosie's fantastic listing of her idiocies, I hereby offer some of my own embarrassing comments, both of which were recent and both of which have vaginal connotations, oh the embarrassment!

1. Was at hairdresser and to my stylist-lady, who had been tastefully, if extravagantly, liberal with some fudge hair paint - I said, cheerfully "I really like your pink bits!".

2. To some elderly ladies who as members of the National Heritage Trust were showing people around our house: they said, ooooh where is the cat, we've heard he's beautiful, I said "Oh I'll show you my pussy, he's enormous".

Still doesn't beat K, who, when told that we were discussing fundraising for our class charity ECPAT (End Child Protitution and Trafficking) said "Oh fuck them!".


J xoxox

Saturday, October 15, 2005

No, I'm really sorry

I know there are some people out there with aversions to slugs but I am totally fascinated by them. Just found this biggun on my bathroom wall. This time, however, I actually screamed because I wasn't prepared for it. But he's huge. Amazing. The slime is super ghostbuster type slime though and it bloody impossible to get off.
Anyway, you'll all be pleased to know that he is happily back in the wild with his slimey friends. AND.. I found an albino slug the other day. Totally white. Was pretty cool. Small though. Pinky size maybe.
Ok, bedtime.
ciao ciao
K xx

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

sorry obsessed can't help it please stop me now

would you buy a used car from this man?


this is what i am listening to right now. i am having minor obsessive fantasies about pete doherty. i LOVE the libertines (and pete isn't even a member of the band anymore ARGH) and am moving on to babyshambles when i have finished with the libertines. i thought kate moss was stoopid to hang out with a freaky junkie but i underestimated his sexy rockstarness.

oh pete oh pete

he's singing a song with a bridge (or something i have no idea about music) from the movie Brazil, also one of my favourite movies. oh pete

J xoxox


I don't understand what this tagging business is. But if I am to put the 5th sentence of the 23rd post as explained on Poignant Pointy, then here goes:

Where the fox hat?

Does this mean we have to tag someone now? Well, then, I could tag one of the bastard spammers. But unfortunately I don't know any of their names. I still don't know how to put links in. Oh god, I have no idea what to do. Anyone want to explain?

K xx

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


my giant sheep, of course, reminded me of Morbo...newsreader extraordinaire and crusher of pathetic human scum. don't laugh puny mortals! DONT LAUGH PUNY PATHETIC HUMANS!!


He's getting closer!!! Run! Run for your worthless lives or bow before the Great Sheep! AHHHH!
Sorry, couldn't resist. I know I have already posted about me and Jane's mini-roadtrip to Sydney but I failed to mention the Great Sheep at Gouldburn. Gouldburn is a tiny hole in the middle of the boondocks of NSW. It's flat and dry and not-quite-outback but still backward. Charming. The Great Sheep had quite a little crowd taking pictures - so I couldn't resist. He's quite Stalinist, dontcha think?
J xo

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Work for our love

Ok, have just added that word verification thingy because the spammers have gone nuts on our ass. So don't think you guys can just rock up here and post comments willy nilly (hehe). You must verify your love for our love in return.
We wuv you all!
K xx


Oh my GOD. I always forget how much I hate IRD until it comes to filling out an income tax form. Just remembered that I had an extension until the 15th October and up until now have done nothing about it. Oops. Well, the automatic phone messages to help you work out you tax and income etc are of no use whatsoever. They had me listening to various numbers and box numbers from the form for half an hour and it got me nowhere except deeper into the land of all things confusing (and that, by the way, is where the full and half-full flush buttons on a toilet dwell - is there really a difference?). Anyway, I have given up and am going to send it in half completed and have them do the rest. They said they will. And the fact that they make us pay for the stamp... don't get me started!

Back to school today. Was late as usual. Great start to the last part of the year. I hope they don't end up marking us on punctuality. It's not my fault anyway. It's the buses up here. They are NEVER on time and the rare ones that are, are always full.

Anyway, that is my rant for the day. J, where are you? You said you'd be online but, alas, you are not. Bored....

K xx

Monday, October 10, 2005

Old man now... where's the cane? Posted by Picasa


It's Marty's birthday today. He never checks the blog but felt a little message was in order anyway. Here's to you. Wish i could be there to celebrate with you. Miss you lots. See you soon.
Lots and lots of love and hugs, maybe some g's in there if you're lucky :)

Ken and Jerry XXX

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Went a birthday party last night - the theme was Sex and Death so, strangely I went as some kind of Paris-Hilton-meets-Dynasty-big-hair-and-leopard-print freakshow. It was hella fun though, and it was good to meet lots o'new people. Best costume was obviosly Cam with a belt around her neck as auto-asphyxiation girl a la Michael Hutchence and Nina above as one scary clown EEK!

On the clothes update (I know you are all gagging for new info!) I bought a BEAUTIFUL dress today from the markets. It's white silk with black polka dots and it has a square neckline and it was only $25 and it's the best thing I have ever bought (excluding my talking Mr T keyring suckas!)

YAY what a good weekend!

J xoxo

Back in Business

Hello hello...
Back in Auckland now. Boring. I missed my flight this morning and didn't have a transferable ticket so had to pay another $189 to get back to this shit hole. Grr... and, of course, it is raining. Not that Welly has been much different recently. Should be nice and sunny now but no.

Welly was great. Actually didn't do a helluva lot but it was nice to see people and not be in Auckland. If I hadn't had to pay for another ticket back here I would possibly have saved money these holidays. Wow! Amazing. But no. I have been plunged back into overdraft.

Went to see Deva Mahal a couple of times at Hope Bros. She's got an amazing voice (haha... Bo' Selecta!). And, on that note, she is proper bo, I tell thee. And Imon Star (possible spelling error there). I wuv him. He is cool. Although last Wednesday when we went down there, I had a few too many free drinks so the memory is slightly hazy from that night.

J, house photos are on the way. Ok, I am frozen so might have a cuppa to try and warm up.

K xx

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

save the roos and the dolphins and the people

oh no politics

I feel awful for all the people who were killed or hurt in the most recent Bali bombings. Innocents never deserve to die, never. In fact I have considerable problems with anyone dying in violence. It is a sad indictment of this world that kids die, parents die, young men die in battle for lies handed down by men who, obviously, never die. I went to the Beating of the Retreat at Duntroon (the military academy) recently. I was loath to go (official crap eek) because I object to the militaristic attitudes of all these people. But then I thought...these are just kids, young people who want to make a difference. I have no right telling them their decision to be a soldier is wrong just like they shouldn't tell me my decision is wrong. But the people who's decisions are wrong are the people who's decisions get other people killed in the interests of poltical expediency or, worse still, economic gain. And it really pisses me off (in the way that only a pinko-liberal 22 year old white university student from a middle class family in a rich western country can be pissed off).

Still, I had to say something, because what else is a blog for??


Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Had a brilliant experience today.

Was jogging in the hills behind the house and came suddenly across a pod of about 13 kangaroos. I know they aren't a pod but they reminded me of when dolphins swim near the boat when we are in NZ. Just seeing a big group of wild animals in their natural habitat is so cool - it's no zoo and I was careful to be quiet and keep back so they weren''t scared of me. They just grazed away and checked me out and then I went on my way.

It was cool and I like to think that when the next generation comes along they can see roos or dolphins in the wild ( sorry to be sentimental but it was a really heartwarming experience!!)

J xoxox