Thursday, October 13, 2005


I don't understand what this tagging business is. But if I am to put the 5th sentence of the 23rd post as explained on Poignant Pointy, then here goes:

Where the fox hat?

Does this mean we have to tag someone now? Well, then, I could tag one of the bastard spammers. But unfortunately I don't know any of their names. I still don't know how to put links in. Oh god, I have no idea what to do. Anyone want to explain?

K xx


Blogger Rosiemunda said...

good tag response kerry! hey was that fox hat my fox hat joke about eketahuna?

See my blog for how to link'


we need more blog friends, it is sad to think of resorting to tagging the spamers,

6:51 PM  
Blogger kenandjerry said...

yep. plus jen sent me a video with it. heh he.

8:20 AM  

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