Saturday, October 08, 2005


Went a birthday party last night - the theme was Sex and Death so, strangely I went as some kind of Paris-Hilton-meets-Dynasty-big-hair-and-leopard-print freakshow. It was hella fun though, and it was good to meet lots o'new people. Best costume was obviosly Cam with a belt around her neck as auto-asphyxiation girl a la Michael Hutchence and Nina above as one scary clown EEK!

On the clothes update (I know you are all gagging for new info!) I bought a BEAUTIFUL dress today from the markets. It's white silk with black polka dots and it has a square neckline and it was only $25 and it's the best thing I have ever bought (excluding my talking Mr T keyring suckas!)

YAY what a good weekend!

J xoxo


Blogger Rosiemunda said...

wow you look b e utifull

11:54 AM  

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