Friday, October 28, 2005

Ok, jumping on the bandwagon of tagging...

Ok, 20 things... this isn't an easy task but thank god the buses in Auckland are always late. I had time to think of the majority of interesting (ha!) titbits while waiting to go to the panel evening.
So, here goes. Please stay awake.

1. At present I am unnervingly close to finishing my first year of a Sign Language Interpreting Diploma. This time next year (all going well) I will be interpreting. Dear god save me.

2. I've kept a diary damn near consistently since I was 15 and my oh my are they interesting to read over from time to time. What was I thinking back then?

3. My prize possessions are all my photos (truckloads of them) and a huge art deco floor lamp that I paid an extortionate amount of money for because it was a dream come true.

4. Having moved up to Auckland at the beginning of the year to do this diploma, I am having difficulty finding myself and am on a long journey of self discovery at the moment but it has it's ups and downs. No light at the end of the tunnel as yet but I'm working on it.

5. Family and friends are my life lines in my version of who wants to be a millionaire. Not that I will be a millionaire and really it has nothing to do with money but I do often opt to 'phone a friend' and 'ask the audience'. All I usually get is '50:50' (jokes) but I love them all to pieces How I would survive without them is beyond me. J especially keeps my spirits high and the movie quotes are infinite. And mum who often pulls out the logical calls that I thought could be beyond her. Amazing what a bit of pressure can do. Love you all to bits.

6. I adore writing. Not only the expressive part of it but the physical act of putting pen to paper as well. Hence why I have had a diary for so many years. I would love, one day, to have something published. Possibly a childrens book. But it's on the back burner at the moment.

7. I have a habit of saying really stupid things - some of which have been commented on in previous posts. Eg, 'they've gone a bit overboard on the Titanic stuff, don't you think?' totally unintentionally. And one about ECPAT that has been mentioned earlier.

8. The majority of my pets have had quite odd names. Wedge and Wicker are my 2 rats at the moment following on from Question and Whatamess. Not quite sure why. May relate back to love of writing. I really like those words.

9. Recently I have decided that one of my dreams is to live on a farm (possibly Makaretu) and have house trained pigs roaming in and out. And chickens and ducks that follow you around. And some sheep and cattle. And donkeys and horses. The list goes on.

10. My hairstyle/colour changes as much as the weather up here - constantly. What can I say? I get bored easily.

11. Contrary to many other people, particularly most of my friends, I would rather work than study. Bring on the money.

12. My sense of fashion is appalling (I can never remember if that has a 'u' in it). Try as I might I just cannot compete with my peers. Damn you all.

13. But, on that same topic, I HATE shopping. Especially shoes, bras and jeans. HATE HATE HATE. I would rather eat sawdust.

14. I am a hoarder. I can't help it. I feel that somewhere later in life, all the totally random bits and pieces that I have kept over the years (including a giant piece of kelp) will one day be of some use.

15. Another dream of mine is to one day own my own cafe/bar. I'm not a very business-minded person though so it may take some time. I have a name for it and everything!

16. I have an awful phobia of those green Scotch-Brite scourer things. I will not touch them with an ungloved hand. They are so gross and disturbing. One of my workmates has the same phobia and described it as chewing on a big woollen jumper. Ugh. Gross.

17. Having said that I hate shopping, one of the things I could never have enough of is stationery. Totally addicted and end up spending close to all of my course related costs on things like hole punches, 50 different types of blue pen, copious amounts of refill and blank note books which are never used because I don't want to ruin the beauty of their unmarked pages.

18. I'm late for everything. It runs in my family. Not my fault. But, I would like to say that I am actually getting better and my lecturer blames it on Deaf culture. They are the same.

19. As far as vehicles go, I have had 2. At the same time I think. One was a 1998 Suzuki TR50 Street Magic called Excaliber. He looked like a wasp. He was so cool until some evil bastard stole him. Grrr... and the other was a 1980 Vauxhall Chevette that I bought with my boyfriend. he was super cool. His name was Alf and he cost us $100 in the old Tuesday marketplace in the Dom. He served us well for 6 months but then the brakes died and long story short, we had to give him away as parts. boo hoo. He even had cool blue racing stripes.

20. One of my biggest regrets is giving up horse riding. One day I will get back into it. Probably when I have my farm and house trained pigs. Will keep you posted on that one.

So, there you have it. I hope you are all still alive. I think I may have just figured out how to add links. I will give it a go. Wish me luck.

Love to you all...
K xx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think my daughter has the greatest sytle in the world but I'm unsure about house trained pigs.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That wasnt boring at all! Its a pretty healthy summary which i will now go and do for myself... Sheez...when you look back on that in 10 years i'm sure you'll not know what you were thinking now too.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Late for everything', 'runs in the family'? as your father I take great exception to those comments as I am never late for anything. Would rather be an hour early than a minute late - but then, I am very odd!

11:37 AM  

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