Thursday, October 27, 2005

cats blood

OK so I've had big problems with my pussy haha.

He broke off a claw a couple of weeks ago ( I am sure no one cares but it has been a big deal for me.)

On tues I took my big pussy to the vet and they bandaged him up. We take his bandage off only to find him chewing it and its bad. By sat, he had chewed the new bandage off. I went to a meeting with my supervisor Claire, who is a cool lady - we sat on her porch drinking red wine - but I came to her house covered in cats blood which, considering I had done a thesis on a witch who had blood for breakfast, was a little too literal- anyway, long story short, after many weeks of pain and suffering (for catty and also for me because he likes to take people he loves and cut them up) he has had his toe removed.

I am over egging the custard, I know, but when my darling catty cat is in serious pain and has no crying or whinging ( like I would exhibit should I be hurt) I am sad sad sad.

Feel love for my catty he is sad and unhappy.

The 20 best (worst) things about me are forthcoming... seek and thou shalt find.

J xoxox


Blogger BadBarbie said...

Poor pussy! My cat had his whole bloody back leg removed. It cos over £300 (not out of choice you understand, his leg had been squished by a car). Then the little bugger left home and went feral in the recreation ground near my house! How rude. Do cats have as many toes as lives? I shall have to count the toes of my remaining puss when I get home. Love to your pussy!!

1:37 AM  
Blogger kenandjerry said...

cheers! I feel bad for your pussy too, who squished him?!? Cats are ungrateful bastards, since writing the last post...he has slept on my head all night and then, when I protested, stalked off!

Love to your pussy too.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Rosiemunda said...

You have had what many women want: a pussy reduction, ha!

No seriously, I have had an ingrown toenail operation so I feel I am in the closest position to you pussy (said the bishop to the actress) and it was very painfull but not for that long. He is probably feeling better now it has been removed.

7:57 PM  
Blogger BadBarbie said...

Some bastard in a car, didn't stop, the poor bugger dragged himself home with his back end mangled. But never expect gratitude from a cat. Indifference or downright rudeness amybe. Occasionally a bit of snuggling if you're lucky. I have tried to train my remaining cat (v simple creature) to massage my feet, seems only fair after all the stroking she gets but she has not taken to the idea at all.

3:12 AM  
Blogger BadBarbie said...

Oh, forgot to say, I just mentioned your blog on mine as I like it and it's not full of pretentios crap! Cheers XX

3:43 AM  

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