Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is anyone there?

Well hello again. It has been quite a while. And I think I may be the only person using or even checking this blog now.

I'm back in Welly. It is very cold. M went surfing this morning and when he got out he still couldn't feel his feet an hour later. It's that kind of cold. I wisely stayed in the car and read about the quarter life crisis which I feel I am in the middle of.

Nothing particularly exciting has been happening. It is my birthday on Tuesday but I don't think it's going to be a big event. I will have hit the quarter century. It's a milestone. Maybe I will spend the day in bed feeling sorry for myself. I have a nice bottle of wine that could keep me company :)

I have quit smoking and therefore have been very sick for the past week with gross stuff coming out of my lungs, eyes, nose, ears... it's not pleasant. But hopefully it will stop soon. Surely it can't get any worse.

A while ago, M and I wanted to go to the zoo but it was Queen's birthday so the entire population of Auckland decided to go on the same day. Instead we went to Western Springs and fed the geese. I had never realised that M is actually terrified of them. He was really funny. So I fed them and he watched. But if you hold the bread just above their head they will jump tp get it. The photo is of one goose in mid air. It was so funny. I really like geese even though they can be evil if provoked.

Haha... stupid goose.

Anyway, I might get going and prepare myself for Home & Away which is as addictive as heroin. No exaggeration.

Maybe soon someone will post something somewhere.....

K xx


Blogger rosie said...

ha ha! you are active (kind of - inactive for 2 months but have posted since I last looked 3 months ago). Good on you. I might start bloggin again as I have a large amount of school work to do and that is what blogs are for - procrastination


2:21 PM  

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