Wednesday, October 05, 2005

oh no politics

I feel awful for all the people who were killed or hurt in the most recent Bali bombings. Innocents never deserve to die, never. In fact I have considerable problems with anyone dying in violence. It is a sad indictment of this world that kids die, parents die, young men die in battle for lies handed down by men who, obviously, never die. I went to the Beating of the Retreat at Duntroon (the military academy) recently. I was loath to go (official crap eek) because I object to the militaristic attitudes of all these people. But then I thought...these are just kids, young people who want to make a difference. I have no right telling them their decision to be a soldier is wrong just like they shouldn't tell me my decision is wrong. But the people who's decisions are wrong are the people who's decisions get other people killed in the interests of poltical expediency or, worse still, economic gain. And it really pisses me off (in the way that only a pinko-liberal 22 year old white university student from a middle class family in a rich western country can be pissed off).

Still, I had to say something, because what else is a blog for??



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right on jen

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