Friday, October 28, 2005

20 things about me ( as if you care)

Following Rosie's very mean tagging of us to write 20 things about ourselves, I shall now list 20 things about me. A disclaimer though, Number One is that I'm fickle and always changing my mind, so what's here might not be what I was a month ago or will be a month from now.

1. I am fickle (god, had you guessing right?). I have changed my hair colour from black to light blond each year for old am I?...8 years. I decide I hate stuff, then I decide I don't. How annoying.

2. I am very sensitive. I have been known to cry at TV commercials, most notably a Telecom ad. News stories make me cry badly, and sad movies and funny movies. Last night I got all choked up at FUTURAMA of all things cos Fry's nephew fulfilled his dreams of being the first man on Mars.

3. I MUST WIN ARGUMENTS. Ask K or Rosie at I am SO ANNOYING when I think I'm right. I also am so annoying when I know I might be wrong, but the argument is too fun to abandon. I can see people getting frustrated, but arguing or at least being argumentative is the only cure for boredom....I am a slave to boredom (a la Evelyn Waugh) so I provoke people for fun. It's a bad habit.

4. I love music, but cannot sing. It is sad sad sad. Rosie and Kerry and my good mates Alice and Amelia and Catherine all sing like angels, Dad was a great singer but no I got Mum's extreme tonedeafness. It is mucho sucky.

5. My music taste is highly eclectic. I'm not sure this is a good thing. I will listen to opera when drunk and melancholy, I love the Libertines and Iggy Pop but also Johnny Cash and Madonna and Wu Tang. I also have an album by a Korean castrati, Jung Le Hun. I am not sure if it is OK to listen to a man who's had his balls chopped off....I like Nina Simone especially right now and I'm Feeling Good.

6. I am a big geek. I have a BA and soon will have BA Hons in Classics and a LLB. Apart from technical geekiness at Uni I am a big reader and the font of all useless knowledge. I make classics jokes all the time. I say stupid stuff and I always laugh at my own jokes.

7. The happy upshot of (6) is that I am the QUEEN of trivia. I can win Trivial Pursuit hands down against almost anyone, I can sit and answer all the Jeopardy questions and Who WAnts to Be a Millionaire. It has been a financial bonus too, winning pub quizes for beer and the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire computer game in Murphy's in Wellington, I won $15 (which is a LOT for a pub game).

8. I love my family very much. They are all mad as cut snakes (as they say here in OZ) and totally argumentative and annoying like me. We have rip-roaring barneys all the time and drink too much and swear too much but I wouldn't give them up for the world. We get drunk and Dad gets devil's whiskers (red wine stains on the corner of his mouth) and we scream and shout and debate politics and laugh at stupid people. It's great.

9. Without my friends I would be totally uncool. K, especially, keeps me laughing. We have the exact same sense of humour and understand exactly what the other is saying. We have been firends since the first day we met (actually she had a cool dog and an American step-father (kinda) and I had come back from California). Rosie is totally my style icon. What a style maven! She is always avant garde with clothes and hair and make-up etc. I always feel like a big galoot when Rosie is near, despite her claim to clumsiness. I am not going to go on but all my friends are super-cool and I love them all big-time, even when I am pissy and/or being provocative.

10. I am the daughter of a diplomat and so have lived overseas but NOT in any of the cool places. We lived in Ottawa, Canada and in LA. Went to South Central once, esse (essay? dunno me no cholo) but mostly Santa Monica with the rich folks.

11. We lived on the same street as OJ Simpson. Went trick-or-treating at his house. Before he killed (or not? Nah we all know he's guilty) his wife. Always dead bodies (fake) lying around his front lawn ( I mean for decoration at Halloween, if it was ALL the time we'd have suspected he was a bit screwy).

12. My parents took to me to Las Vegas when they won a free trip. We stayed at the Pink Flamingo which is the hotel Hunter S. Thompson stayed at in Fear and Loathing (or maybe it was just the movie???). Anyway, my parents naively left me with a nice old lady babysitter who I don't remember but, in retrospect, my parents think was probably a crack-whore.

13. My family are a family of sailors. We sail lots, though I am more a lounge about on the forward deck in a bikini with a gin than America's Cup yachtsman. I love being at sea, nothing to distract you but a book and the sunshine. Cabin Fever is bad news though, and a week on a yacht with my snoring, farting family can be a bit intense. Also, though there's a small shower in the head, the only real way to keep clean is to swim off the side. This is OK in warm, clear water, but when it's dark or murky all I imagine is sharks and big munchies. So I get scared and jump into the water only to literally levitate out of it in fear. My family frolic, I panic.

14. In Ottawa, I went to a French Canadian school and spoke only french. Then, in NZ, I did french for six years up to Bursary level. I got an A in Bursary French. How much French can I speak: 0. Nada. None.

15. I can read a bit of Ancient Greek though (see number 6).

16. I went to Greece for 6 weeks as part of a Uni course. It was intense but AMAZING. Literally the best experience of my life. I LOVED it. Not only seeing all the amazing sites I had been fascinated by since I was little, but also just being there. The Grecians loved us kiwis, coz we fought so hard for them in WW2. Free raki. Nice one.

17. I am going to be Queen of the Universe. Just warning ya.

18. I am SO bad with boys. I always fall in love with friends, when it's too late. I tend to be matey, not flirty. I argue too much. It's painfully stupid.

19. I am TOTALLY addicted to: Diet Coke, alcohol, cigarettes, NW magazine, shoes, bags.
I hope not to be addicted to: crack, porn.

20. I am crippled by self-doubt, despite all my bluster. Crippled. I am always afraid that people will discover I'm not funny or smart and, as for my looks, well.... Hence, NO one must mock me for this list or I'll cry, argue with you, or drink heavily to forget about it.

J xoxoxo


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