Friday, October 28, 2005

new photo

Me and Stephen at the Phoenix.

We look unhappy but it's about 1 hour after our theses were due. So look of pure evil is nothing more than extreme tiredness combined with being jaded but also satisfied and a bit releived.

Stephen gets 90% + in Latin and, doing Latin honours by writing about someone obscure called Orosius (never heard of him? Me neither), ALSO has Honours in Law AND History. He is therefore, technically, A BIG GEEK but also very cool.

I hate that photo, but the imperatives of fastidiously documenting every moment of my life have overcome my vanity. YAYA death to vanity.

Tonight we are all going to my teacher Claire's house for drinkies coz class has finished for the year, and we are all pretty close having spent a year with only 5 of us...And then I get the special treat of returning to my house to find it FILLED with old folks...some kind of drinks party for ASEAN reps ( as if I know what that means even!). Woe is me.

Hope y'all out there are happy, having fun.

J xoxox


Anonymous Stephen the Geek said...

Hmm, it's really not the most flattering photo of either of us, is it?

I blame sleep deprivation.


11:20 PM  

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