Saturday, October 08, 2005

Back in Business

Hello hello...
Back in Auckland now. Boring. I missed my flight this morning and didn't have a transferable ticket so had to pay another $189 to get back to this shit hole. Grr... and, of course, it is raining. Not that Welly has been much different recently. Should be nice and sunny now but no.

Welly was great. Actually didn't do a helluva lot but it was nice to see people and not be in Auckland. If I hadn't had to pay for another ticket back here I would possibly have saved money these holidays. Wow! Amazing. But no. I have been plunged back into overdraft.

Went to see Deva Mahal a couple of times at Hope Bros. She's got an amazing voice (haha... Bo' Selecta!). And, on that note, she is proper bo, I tell thee. And Imon Star (possible spelling error there). I wuv him. He is cool. Although last Wednesday when we went down there, I had a few too many free drinks so the memory is slightly hazy from that night.

J, house photos are on the way. Ok, I am frozen so might have a cuppa to try and warm up.

K xx


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Blogger Rosiemunda said...

have you finished uni? oh welly, i miss it. Will you be around new years ish as I should hopefully be in welly about then

1:10 PM  
Blogger kenandjerry said...

oh, maybe. new year is still being organised but i will definitely not be here. possibly south island. will let you know though.
uni not finished. have another 2 months almost/ we have the same terms as school rather than uni which is lame. but the end is in sight now.

1:13 PM  

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