Wednesday, September 28, 2005

J and J having a bevvie near the harbour bridge.
Mmmm... need a hat?

roach motel


So I'm back at school suffering from terminal death (it's deadly I tell you) but can now go to my maker having spent two nights in one of the most appalling roach-infested hole-of-death scummy motel in the world. I shall begin at the beginning.

Jane arrived in Canberra on Thurs and we went to a strange play and then to my fave bar after with some friends. I'm sure the play and the bar full of deros frightened Jane somewhat, but it was fun to see her. On the Saturday we drove to Sydney. We had the Saab which was wickedy and a sunny beautiful day to drive in. Photos will follow. Thankfully, what had been a deadly-evil hangover from the night before dissipated in the air and sunshine because driving into Sydney was scary and I would have crashed if I had been at all crippled by the night before. Those bastards were trying to kill me!

We stayed in a terrible motel (though we had no idea how terrible until later). But it was right in the middle of town so it was good. That night we found a great little french restaurant and splurged - Cotes du Rhone and pate and creme brulee oh the beauty! I am sure, positive in fact, that Jane will return from London, Paris and Berlin still raving about the choc truffle cake she had at this place! The next day we had a full on shopping day in Newtown and Paddington. It was so fun, and a yummy dinner again. I bought a pair of shortish shorts which is unfortunate coz I ate enough french food to ensure that NO ONE wants to see me in shorts!

Unfortunately, Janey had to be at the airport at about 6, so we left at 5.30. AM! And here's the kicker - when Jane switched on the light and lifted her pack, a GIANT cockroach emerged, said Hey What''s the Big Deal, and scurried away. I like to be able to say I was brave but those that know me know that I was screaming, jumping on the bed and ripping various pieces of clothing off in an attempt to remove the (invisible) tribe of cockies now swarming my body.

All in all though, we had a great time and hopefully Janey is away having fun in Europe.

Hope ý'all had a good weeekend too!

J xoxoxo


Well, our poor blog has been abandoned for a while. Both J and I are either being visited or visiting people at the moment but updates will be posted shortly. J, I hope you and Jane are having a good time in Sydders. Welly is cold and windy but not as bad as Auckland, surprisingly. At least there's no torrential rain down here. Just a nice splattering.
Anyway, coffee time with the parentals.
Will post soon.
K xx

Friday, September 23, 2005


Yay, you attract freaks as well. We must be twins. I keep finding Christian comics left by the dero that preaches every morning outside my work. Last one was about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat relating back to a man who... ahh, bugger it. It always ends in "Christ is the only way". I've lost my train of thought. Damnit.
Well, I have assignment which MUST be done in the next couple of hours. Why? Marty will be here then. Haha... any NZSLers out there? Wouldn't that be a nice sentence to sign?
Ok, school work. BORING!
K xx

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jane's Coming!

I have a month until my thesis is due. Therefore, I am very pleased to announce that Jane arrives today from NZ and we're going to spend the weekend in Sydney (maybe). After she leaves on Mon, I will need at least a week to recover! No work for over a week! Yaya.

No one commented on my crazy man's poem! He was hella crazy. Not overtly dangerous-looking but nevertheless...strange.

J xo


My computer hates me! It won't let me post. I don't know what to do. Maybe this one will work. Not sure. Oh please, please work. I don't want to have broken the blog.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

mr schizo's poem

The Queen

Public duty
the winning smile
the handbag
the gloves
the fashion guru
the national anthem
God save the queen
Advance Australia Fair
the baggy green
the song
the Army
public office
a dream in the night
Nicole Kidman
the sound of shots
Angels everywhere
to die
God, Queen and Country
Nicole to live
Hurrah hurrah hurrah

Rudi de JOng 62626271

(anyone else fear for Nic's life?)

for rose

I have nothing to say but have been ORDERED to contribute.

I had beers with my classics buddies after school today. Our witty conversation was interupted by a schizophrenic who really loved Nicole Kidman. I kid you not. He bummed cigarettes and told us that he would rather be in a mental institution than be at Cambrigde, Oxford or Yale (which is really lucky for you, I almost said). He gave us each a poem.

Once he'd left, our conversation encompassed plexiglass, self-amputation, geology, castration, Lawnmower Man, and the fact that the existence of clocks powered by electrons slows time down (it doesn't).

What was it you said, K, about me being/ attracting freaks?

J xo

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My rather feeble attempt at floral photography. This simply cannot convey the coolness of a magnolia tree, but a picture of the whole tree looked more like a smudgy bush, so here you go Blossoms! Happy spring
J xo

J and Mr Rawlinson

"Let me probe my soul to the quick. What am I and what am I likely to become?
In character, unsteady, indolent but ambitious.
In faith - a direct infidel
In feelings callous as a stone
In principle, like my neighbours, neither too good nor too bad
With some talent and more reputation for it
Culpably wasteful and extravagant and incapable of forming and adhering to any fixed purpose on a single subject"
Henry Rawlinson 1837
MY NEW HERO (he was a classicist (yay!) who translated ancient persian languages despite being, as I am, unsteady but ambitious! Man , is he speaking my language!)
The everlastingly and extravagantly indolent J xoxo

magnolias (non-steel)

Hey hey

The spring has sprung and the whole of Canberra is covered in the most luscious blossoms. We have a couple of magnolia trees out the back and they've gone mad! It's so beautiful - I'm used to NZ's evergreen bush and always-green-ness (which is gorgeous obviously but it's nice to have something different).

The other thing about OZ is the weirdo - factor. I just dropped off some beautiful jewellry to be repaired at what I thought was a manufacturing jewelers. It had jewellry, admittedly, but the man was wired, grumpy, didn't know what cufflinks were, didn't have any jewellry cleaner there and couldn't tell if something was silver or not even though it had a stamp. I begin to think that perhaps his jewellery store was not a crazy front for money-laundering or drug-dealing! It was in the right part of town, certainly. Oh well, another brush with the seedy underbelly of Canberra. Who knew?

J xoxxo

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Farting Transformer

HAHA... this is supposedly a flying dragon that was spotted in Chinese skies back in August. It reminds me of the monkey man in India which I will explain in detail at a leter date.
K xx

flying dragon Posted by Picasa

i went shopping and want to share...

my new things! sorry, it's sunday and I simply cannot be bothered turning Gene round the right way, I'm sure you can get the coolness of it sideways.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Full moon maybe?

Wow, what an incredibly bizarre night. It has caught me rather off guard considering the monotony of my life here in Auckland.
This morning was hell. So tired at work. Had to vote afterwards but no idea where any polling booths were so wandered down Dominion Rd in the rain for a bit. Having done that, I came home and passed out for 2 hours. I woke up to a noise in the ahllway, and thinking that one of my flatmates was home, got up to find Tama standing on top of a dismantled futon frame in the hallway gazing around in semi darkness. Realised that Andre was alseep so amused Tama for a while. Had to meet aToni to go to a play at Silo. Really didn't have any idea what to expect except that it was about a guy who fell in love with a goat. Really good but OH MY GOD! Very emotional and full on. Plus, to add to the suspense, halfwayt horugh, a woman passed out while she was trying to leave. So she was about to walk across the stage to get to the door (only way out) and just collapsed. I thought it was part of the show. But ambulances were called and she was pretty fucked. Hope she's OK. Was very hot in there.
When we left, the first thing we were told was that some dude had hijacked a plane from the flying school in Auckalnd and was threatening to fly it into the Sky Tower. Idiot. But instead, he crashed it on a beach near Mission Bay. He is in hospital with minor injuries. Very odd. What was he thinking. It would have been a blessig to everyone, though, if he had destroyed the giant syringe in the middle of town.
And it's election night. Neck and neck with only 3 or 4% of votes left to count at this stage. Oh the suspense!
Ok, enough for tonight.
K xx

Army of slugs and snails

I cannot believe the size of the slugs up here! It had to be posted on the blog. This one was from a while ago and I am yet to find one that beats it. But, MY GOD! Where do these things come from. Are they like Teenage Mutant Ninja Slugs? Not only are they GIANT but they have a ridge down their back which is almost like a long dorsal fin. Like an eel. I guess they are just fins. But why?
Anyway, having been totally gobsmacked by the sheer size of this invertebrate, I came to the conclusion that I had, indeed, found a new species of slug. However, upon closer Google searches I discovered that this thing is called... wait for it....
How can Google burst my bubble like that? I mean, really! Who throws a shoe?
Ugh... IDIOTS!
But, these things are EVERYWHERE up here. Whenever I walk home and it has been raining it is like a minefield of slugs and snails. Literally hundreds of them all over the footpath. And, the slugs explode. They don't squelch or crush like snails, they really do explode. It's awful.
Ok, enough.
Oh god.. election tomorrow. Please vote Labour. National will ruin NZ. Keep NZ Nuclear-free. Let the slugs run wild. Free as the mighty polar bear.

The thing nightmares are made of Posted by Picasa

The countdown.

Well the end is in sight. At least for this half of the semester. Joy to the world! Lots to look forward to. Marty coming up and Roots Manuva to celebrate the last exam. HOPEFULLY can go home for a bit as well, just depends on how generous the boss is feeling, I guess. This year has gone by scarily fast. Christmas is looming as well as MANY birthdays which I feel totally unprepared for. Oh dear me. No plans have been made for New Year as yet. A few tenuous ideas but nothing even vaguely organised. Will have to get onto that - J, I need some help!

I just recieved 3 items of mail. And they are all good items. Nothing like bank statements or IRD but 2 from mum with interesting bits and pieces from the Dom Post and a letter from J, an oldie but a goodie. It fills my heart with joy when I recieve lots of good mail.

I have to go to work and I want to walk but I know it will rain. It has been on and off all day and it's really shit. Can never tell whats going to happen. Typical Auckland.
Ok, au revoir...
K xx

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Birds

What flying spawn of satan is this? Is it a new thing or are you living the life of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds? It all seems very bizarre unless, of course, they are nesting. I don't think I've ever seen a warning sign for swooping birds but judging by your reaction to the butterfly enclosure at Melbourne zoo, I imagine you are taking this message to heart. What alternative route have you decided on? Not that I know Canberry.
Take care out there. The world is a dangerous place.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

These people didn't see the sign Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 12, 2005

danger danger will robinson

HAHAHAH. Only here do danger-murder birds get right of way on a suburban sidewalk. This sign is right outside our house, and I've never seen the bird, but apparently it's vicious and deadly! I like the understatement "don't run - leave promptly". "Try a different route next time". Ha, that means get the hell outta there and never, ever come back or you'll get mangled a la Daphne du Maurier !!

J xoxo

Friday, September 09, 2005

Oh he'll kill again that Gilligan they should have let him be
And like a postal clerk I'll go beserk if you don't stop teasing me
See the trick is only pick on those who can't do you no harm
Like the drummer from Def Leppard's only got one arm....

Sorry, it was the only thing I could think of regarding Gilligan.


K xx

Thursday, September 08, 2005

YAY FOR MR. MEN! Posted by Picasa

rip gilligan

YAYAYA for finishing

Well, praise the Lord I have finished my seminars. Yesterdays one went really well and when I hand the essay in I will be done with seminars YAYAYA. No more torture (apart from finishing a thesis and exam, but what the hey!)

Even better news, afterwards we all went out and got drunker than skunks and played pool and Glory, Glory I was awesome. It was a total fluke but I won a couple of games!! Wowee.
Beer is my friend but now I have to go to work. EEk.

Bad news though, my friends, Bob Denver is dead. RIP Gilligan!

J xoxo


Gaaahhh.... the pressure of new posts every hour! I'm sorry Roz but it may not be that often... however, you may also like to post on your blog every hour so I can procrastinate as well. Sounds like a fair deal to me. Maybe we can alternate...

I'm getting really sick of pop ups. Not that I ever enjoyed them but at this moment in time I want to smash my computer to pieces, they annoy me so much. Does anyone have any sneaky tricks to get rid of the ones that ALWAYS pop up (ie Greencard stuff, xads... grrrr)?

Also on the 'irritating list' at the moment is cards. Like, for instance, Fathers Day cards. Why must they all be so heinmeister and cheese (could be a new burger)? I would rather stab myself in the jugluar than send them anywhere. Ugh... atrocious. Someone could make a lot of money creating decent cards.

I've had lots of comments on my badge today so I thought I'd share it with the blogging world. It was one of the ones I found in my attic a few months ago. Enjoy and take it to heart.

Later y'all.... hehe
K xx

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Too true Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Official Warning

Alright... thats it... all you anonymous people who leave crap comments on this blog I am warning you, if it continues I will hunt you down personally and beat you to death with a hammer. We don't want to buy anything and we're not going to visit your shitty blogs so GO AWAY! GAAAAAHHH......
I know this is not going to stop it. In fact will probably make it worse.

Monday, September 05, 2005

This is how angry I am... Posted by Picasa

hot fish dudes

Oh and by the way...remember last week I had to entertain the fisheries dudes here for a conference? Some of them were HOT! I don't know how the fisheries industry managed to recruit hotties but they did! Oh for once an official party was other than dire! YAY.


Heya folks.

I'm still working on my seminar for this week - by which I mean I'm not working on it at all, I'm actually blogging.

Didn't do very well in my last seminar. If I said what I got everyone would go No! That's Great but I'm sad because I'm an uber-geek and can't help myself. So the pressure is on for the next one. By which I mean, obviously, that I'm ignoring the pressure to blog. This thing is dangerous!

Hope veryone had a great weekend. I did nothing but it was sunny so sat outside and got the ghost of a tan. Lying in the sun = BAD but when you get out there and feel healthy and warm there is no better feeling.

So there's my ego-blogging update, of no interest to anyone but myself.

Hope y'all had a good weekend and never, ever have to read the Aeneid.

J xoxo