Saturday, September 17, 2005

Full moon maybe?

Wow, what an incredibly bizarre night. It has caught me rather off guard considering the monotony of my life here in Auckland.
This morning was hell. So tired at work. Had to vote afterwards but no idea where any polling booths were so wandered down Dominion Rd in the rain for a bit. Having done that, I came home and passed out for 2 hours. I woke up to a noise in the ahllway, and thinking that one of my flatmates was home, got up to find Tama standing on top of a dismantled futon frame in the hallway gazing around in semi darkness. Realised that Andre was alseep so amused Tama for a while. Had to meet aToni to go to a play at Silo. Really didn't have any idea what to expect except that it was about a guy who fell in love with a goat. Really good but OH MY GOD! Very emotional and full on. Plus, to add to the suspense, halfwayt horugh, a woman passed out while she was trying to leave. So she was about to walk across the stage to get to the door (only way out) and just collapsed. I thought it was part of the show. But ambulances were called and she was pretty fucked. Hope she's OK. Was very hot in there.
When we left, the first thing we were told was that some dude had hijacked a plane from the flying school in Auckalnd and was threatening to fly it into the Sky Tower. Idiot. But instead, he crashed it on a beach near Mission Bay. He is in hospital with minor injuries. Very odd. What was he thinking. It would have been a blessig to everyone, though, if he had destroyed the giant syringe in the middle of town.
And it's election night. Neck and neck with only 3 or 4% of votes left to count at this stage. Oh the suspense!
Ok, enough for tonight.
K xx


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