Tuesday, September 20, 2005

magnolias (non-steel)

Hey hey

The spring has sprung and the whole of Canberra is covered in the most luscious blossoms. We have a couple of magnolia trees out the back and they've gone mad! It's so beautiful - I'm used to NZ's evergreen bush and always-green-ness (which is gorgeous obviously but it's nice to have something different).

The other thing about OZ is the weirdo - factor. I just dropped off some beautiful jewellry to be repaired at what I thought was a manufacturing jewelers. It had jewellry, admittedly, but the man was wired, grumpy, didn't know what cufflinks were, didn't have any jewellry cleaner there and couldn't tell if something was silver or not even though it had a stamp. I begin to think that perhaps his jewellery store was not a crazy front for money-laundering or drug-dealing! It was in the right part of town, certainly. Oh well, another brush with the seedy underbelly of Canberra. Who knew?

J xoxxo


Blogger kenandjerry said...

maybe you and i both share the skill of attracting weirdos. although, he attracted you... maybe it's just me that attracts them and you are attracted to them.. hence, we are such good friends. hehe. i have now totally forgotten how that works out to be funny, but it is in my mind. somehow, you are the weirdo. but then, i am. but you are because i attract them (ie, you) but you are attracted to them (ie, me). brain malfunction.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Rosiemunda said...

i understand totally, because i too am a weirdo and also attract them and am friends with you two freaks.

5:20 PM  

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