Wednesday, September 28, 2005

roach motel


So I'm back at school suffering from terminal death (it's deadly I tell you) but can now go to my maker having spent two nights in one of the most appalling roach-infested hole-of-death scummy motel in the world. I shall begin at the beginning.

Jane arrived in Canberra on Thurs and we went to a strange play and then to my fave bar after with some friends. I'm sure the play and the bar full of deros frightened Jane somewhat, but it was fun to see her. On the Saturday we drove to Sydney. We had the Saab which was wickedy and a sunny beautiful day to drive in. Photos will follow. Thankfully, what had been a deadly-evil hangover from the night before dissipated in the air and sunshine because driving into Sydney was scary and I would have crashed if I had been at all crippled by the night before. Those bastards were trying to kill me!

We stayed in a terrible motel (though we had no idea how terrible until later). But it was right in the middle of town so it was good. That night we found a great little french restaurant and splurged - Cotes du Rhone and pate and creme brulee oh the beauty! I am sure, positive in fact, that Jane will return from London, Paris and Berlin still raving about the choc truffle cake she had at this place! The next day we had a full on shopping day in Newtown and Paddington. It was so fun, and a yummy dinner again. I bought a pair of shortish shorts which is unfortunate coz I ate enough french food to ensure that NO ONE wants to see me in shorts!

Unfortunately, Janey had to be at the airport at about 6, so we left at 5.30. AM! And here's the kicker - when Jane switched on the light and lifted her pack, a GIANT cockroach emerged, said Hey What''s the Big Deal, and scurried away. I like to be able to say I was brave but those that know me know that I was screaming, jumping on the bed and ripping various pieces of clothing off in an attempt to remove the (invisible) tribe of cockies now swarming my body.

All in all though, we had a great time and hopefully Janey is away having fun in Europe.

Hope ý'all had a good weeekend too!

J xoxoxo


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