Saturday, September 17, 2005

Army of slugs and snails

I cannot believe the size of the slugs up here! It had to be posted on the blog. This one was from a while ago and I am yet to find one that beats it. But, MY GOD! Where do these things come from. Are they like Teenage Mutant Ninja Slugs? Not only are they GIANT but they have a ridge down their back which is almost like a long dorsal fin. Like an eel. I guess they are just fins. But why?
Anyway, having been totally gobsmacked by the sheer size of this invertebrate, I came to the conclusion that I had, indeed, found a new species of slug. However, upon closer Google searches I discovered that this thing is called... wait for it....
How can Google burst my bubble like that? I mean, really! Who throws a shoe?
Ugh... IDIOTS!
But, these things are EVERYWHERE up here. Whenever I walk home and it has been raining it is like a minefield of slugs and snails. Literally hundreds of them all over the footpath. And, the slugs explode. They don't squelch or crush like snails, they really do explode. It's awful.
Ok, enough.
Oh god.. election tomorrow. Please vote Labour. National will ruin NZ. Keep NZ Nuclear-free. Let the slugs run wild. Free as the mighty polar bear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:11 AM  
Blogger kenandjerry said...

hell no

3:53 PM  
Blogger kenandjerry said...

hey your pic is not loading is that just me or is something more sinister afoot?

6:04 PM  
Blogger kenandjerry said...

no, it should do
your computer is gammy

11:01 PM  
Blogger kenandjerry said...

you are gammy for putting that godawful hell-monster on your freaking finger grosso. who's ever going to tpuch your hand ever again after seeing that freaking thing?

2:36 PM  
Blogger Rosiemunda said...

and THAT is why i will NEVER live in auckland.

Kerry you are gross, and insensitive, are you not aware that I have a slug phobia and this photo is making me dry retch!

4:03 PM  
Blogger kenandjerry said...


9:22 PM  
Blogger kenandjerry said...

me too Rosemeister

Remember when we walked through the snail farm on Awaroa estuary and I flipped out and made you give me one of your flipflops because otherwise I could not move.

Moths slimies I hate them all

2:37 PM  

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