Wednesday, November 30, 2005

sin shmin

Rosie, at whom I am directing a considerable amount of wrath, has tagged me to confess (argh) to committing of the mortal sins. As I am not a catholic, I enjoy my sinning and am happy to oblige. Hey ho hey ho, it's off to mortally sin and commit our souls to the everlasting torture of hell we goooooo....

Wrath: Hey Hey my favourite! If I didn''t blow my stack fairly regularly, I'd..well..blow my stack. It's a vicious circle I tell you. It's fun and healthy. I'm not about to go climb a clock-tower and rain bullets on unsuspecting townspeople and I contribute that fact to my ability to expel my wrath on the people I love, like family and friends.

Greed: Haha you must be joking! I went off today and bought myself a present for getting first-class hons. It wasn't a present, it wan't a reward - it was a pure and simple case of "I want it!". These boots, I'm telling you, are made for walking the way good little god -fearing Jessica Simpson would never understand. See Lust.

Gluttony: I have terrible crushing addictions to diet coke. I swill the stuff, I drink it at night when asleep, when I wake. My belly gurgles and swishes and burbles and gurgles and yet still I tip the stuff down in unholy quantities. My punishment in hell will be like that of Tantalus, with a terrible thirst and the cold, fizzy diet coke always out of reach.

Envy: I am most embarrassed about this one, so it must be the most deep-down bad of all my sins - I do get really envious of other people, especially those who are just way way better at me at something. If fact, it's even WORSE than that, because if I think a person is a tool I am not envious of's the people who are NICE and way better than me that I am envious of despite my admiration for them. And Satan just knocked at the door, wants to know HOW cold I like my diet coke...

Pride: I'm pretty proud, yep.

Lust: Oooh X-rated... I lusted after the boots I bought myself today. I COVETED them. MMmm tasty. Boys are not worthy of my lust, not at the moment anyway, not til I got my boots on!

Sloth: Am losing my sloth. Was always highly slothful and now..well, I get so bored being slothy.

Thanks Rosie, see you in hell.

J xoxo

Monday, November 28, 2005

Belated Post

Oopsy daisy... been a while, ain't it? Well, have just spent the fastest 10 days in history with my boy who kindly came to visit me up here. Was wonderful but I just cannot believe it has gone so fast. A lot has hapened in the past 10 days but I propmise not to bore you with ALL of it. Some you will just have to bear. Apology in advance.

Last Sunday Marty, Andre, Anna and I all went on a wine tour. By that I mean that we tasted a lot of half glasses (no spitting involved) of wine and pretended to know what we were talking about (well, maybe that was just me) but ended up being just a tad well-lit. Having completed the so called 'tour' we headed toward Muriwai for a gander at the gannets. I think at this point I might have got a bit drunkenly confident and ended up going ass over tit on a gravel path toward the beach. A bruise and a few grazes later, having not touched the sand, we went to the gannets who, I must say, absolutely STINK. I thought I was bad :) But it was a great way to spend a Sunday avo and I highly recommend it to all. Go and get yo'selves a bit drunk. Pictorial evidence follows....

We managed to move house as well which is good. New place aptly named 'The 5 Star'. It's awesome. New and sunny and warm. What more could you wish for? And a big garden and deck that basically gets all day sun. Perfect for barbeques.

Anyway, I'll leave you with some shots (tequilla?)...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Marty and I Posted by Picasa

Anna and Andre Posted by Picasa

Coopers Creek where frogs roam free Posted by Picasa

Matua Vineyard after closing time (stealing glasses) Posted by Picasa

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Monday, November 21, 2005

oops tennis sacrificed for Pimms

jen cam nic

Thanks to Stephen for some of the photos.

Stripes are cool.

stephen's tennis attire

the peeps

jen being a lady (it only lasted a couple of mins)

tennis anyone?

I am delighted to report that my tennis party happened yesterday and I thought it was great. A thunderstorm threatened but after we all shook upraised fists defiantly at the sky-gods the storm passed with only distant sounds of thunder.
So we sat on the lawn and while some people did actually PLAY tennis, most of us sat there and had G & T's and the odd Pimms and ate quiche and pretended to be ladies (and some gentlemen, one of whom wasn't going to wear tennis whites but who entered right into the spirit wearing tennis blacks).
We all left when it got dark and I think everyone had an awesome time. Certainly the most well-lubricated tennis party I am likely to ever see!
J xoxox

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

oh the osteopath how lovely you are

Hey y'all

Went to the Osteopath today - thinking, I'll admit it, that it was a profession run by charlatans for the purposes of witchcraft and bone-cracking horror. Well, I was right. It was, however, wonderful. As the dulcet tones of my bones cracking and bending rang out I lay totally immobile in one of the closest-to-religious experiences of my life.

For those of you intimately aquainted with the horrible grinding/cracking sound I used to make with my shoulders, you will be pleased to know that it's gone (nearly!). Before....I was a deformity with voluably disgusting shoulders... Now, I look like this... Oh the satisfaction!!!
J xoxo

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Follow up on IRD hate...

Yes, I rambled about how useless IRD are and how much I hate IR3 forms a while ago. So, this evening I got home to find a letter from them. I thought that it could be my tax refund, but no. AGES ago, like 6 MONTHS ago, I rang them and asked them to send me the forms and Summary of Earnings etc... and they sent me the IR3 form. That's fine. Last month, I rang them to ask how to fill in the IR3 from and query where my Summary of Earnings was. NOW, they have just sent it to me about a month after I completed (well, kinda) the form. This letter is dated 6th May 2005. Eh? Well, thanks IRD, that is really useful. How on EARTH has it taken 6 months to get from IRD to my house? I have no idea. Next year I will write my name and send it off. I am not going through all that again when they can easily do it themselves. Grrr... it has been a very long day and I have another week before relaxation can begin.

Plus, Courier Post lost an Exam Care Pack that my mum sent and I am very disappointed. I think the driver stole it. Evil. And now I am eagerly waiting on a package from Mastertrade, Napier? I have never been to Mastertrade in Napier. Why would they be sending me a parcel? It's very odd. Hopefully will get it on Monday. I'm sure it won't be that exciting.

Ok, bed time. Work tomorrow.

K xx

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

dark city

Saw dark city (gosh lots of movie updates for all you riveted folks in blogosphere!).

Anyway, I'd forgotten how AWESOME a movie it is and how much better it is than the Matrix. And that Rufus Sewwll puts Keanu "I'm retarded" Reeves in perspective. Imagine how good movies with Keanu would be if it wasn't Keanu - Constatine, the Matrix, Speed (though perhaps Speed was irredeemible?), Bram Stoker's Dracula....

At the risk of putting yet another schoolgirlish-fan pic on here... here's Rufus.

In the meantime, a disclaimer. I have finished school, and am at work, where I sit all day doing NOTHING but read or write you see...find pictures of people whose movies I have watched. Please excuse me. When I am back from this coma-inducing job, more interesting posts will be forthcoming.

Australia is beautiful right now - the sun is shining and it's hot and everything is in bloom INCLUDING THE FLY POPULATION

Rufus somehwat resembles this fly. And so the circle of life continues....

Friday, November 04, 2005


top o' the mornin' to ya Alex

Hahah foolishly, for I'd seen all the bad reviews, I watched Alexander. Well, I must be the worst Classicist in the world because I had no IDEA that the Macedonians were all IRISH!

Top o' the mornin to ya Alexander.

Oooh aye Aristotle, I fancy a wee trip to Persia - there's a pot o' gold over that rainbow....and potatoes.

Lor' no Alex, mate, you've had 40 pints of Guiness man and you've got no place to go a'brawlin' ya sot. The luck o'the Iri....Macedonians is all well and good man but you're peeled...

Feck off Aristotle man or I'll feckin' well feed you to the Leperachauns.

In the meantime, his mother Olympias was a Russian (?) straight out of a 60's faux-KGB spy movie...

....Alexadrevich, yourrrr fatherrrr plans to take control with his new son, you must marrrrrry.

Oliver Stone's crack habit must be pretty expensive by now...

J xxoo

i love the smell of napalm in the morning...


a/ YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYA coz this is my Honours year DONE. FINITO! Oh the excitement. WHat a year. The sense of achievement yada yada yada.

b/ Oh god this is dismal. One day's real study keeping the wolves from the door...not enough...have sold myself short yada yada yada.

c/ I am burnt out.

d/ I hope to be drunk in 6 hours counting.

e/ I have studied so hard this year that I can't write sentences now without numbering them. I should have been an accountant....

Wish me luck

J xoxo

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yodog Posted by Picasa

Crazy shit...

Ok, a few weird things have happened recently. A few days ago I could have sworn that I heard sheep down my street. Now, my street is fairly close to town and is in no way rural. I thought it was a bit odd but went for a looksy anyway to see if my hearing was infact intact. I couldn't find anything remotely sheepish along my journey and decided I was going mad. But it turns out that I am totally sane. On my way home today, I passed a house a few doors down which is rearing two lambs at present. One of them is sick and I imagine they were abandoned on their farm. Anyway, I got quite excited about it all and in typical Kerry style I recited my entire life history to these people (J, you know all about this) who looked slightly bewildered at my manic state. Oh dear. Poor people. But it is nice to know I am sane.

Having said that, last night I experienced a ghostly presence. Many of you won't believe me but I don't care. I know what I saw and felt and I know that it is not normal. Anyway, the Civic theatre where I work (well, the cafe/bar underneath it) was built back in the 20s or 30s. In the process of being built, 10 people died. As well as that, a man fell off the second tier ages ago and died. Heaps of people that I've spoken to have said that it is haunted including a really big, don't-believe-in-ghosts kind of man who works as a security guard there. So, I finished work at about 10.30 last night and went up to the storeroom which is part of the theatre. We have two storerooms, number1 and number 4. Number 4 feels fairly safe but when you have to go up the steps towards the main theatre and number 1, it is so scary. Lights always flickering and just a weird vibe. So, I had to go to number 1 first to get some beer and then went to get changed in 4. While I was getting changed, a door failry close by slammed shut. At that time of night there is no one in the building. All the security guards have gone home by then. So I had a bit of a panic but calmed down and just grabbed my stuff and left. Between 4 and the main door onto Queen St, there is a wide, fairly short hallway. I was walking pretty fast but as I neared the door, this white mist appeared and felt like it was all around me. So I fucking caned it out of there and got back down to the bar almost in tears. One of the other bartenders then told me that he had had an awful experience in the foyer area when there were problems with the electricity (they were re routing all the lights I think) and he had to go up there with a candle to get ice. He was shitting himself but he looked up and there was a woman there and his candle went out. When he finally got it going again (rather frantically, it seemed), she had gone.
There is a definite vibe of something not quite right in there and I have vowed to myself never to go in there alone again. It was awful. I hardly slept at all last night.

Believe it or not...

K xx

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

modification of position on the geegees

Having ranted, my money is on Xcellent (despite my aversion to dyslexic spelling) because he is from NZ and we need a win.

J xox

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Devil's Milk

The basis of Ken and Jerry's friendship... Posted by Picasa

My oh my dirty martinis are good yet evil. Let's toast the evilness of Halloween with a dirty martini... not that I have any gin, vermouth or olives here but I will do it in mind. Or just remember last night.


So, to show off my new found skills I will randomly mention Rosie. I am a genius. Well, I have friends who are geniuses and relay information to me.
That's all I have to say.
K xx

the gee gees

Well the Melbourne Cup is on tomorrow and the whole of Australia has gone nuts with excitment. In fact the only reason I can think of that Rosie seems to be missing is that she's in the eye of the storm in Melb and has been trampled by a tramp in gaudy shoes and a big hat. Mum and Dad have gone down, they get Moet in a tent with the G-G but no, I am at home being studious. It's a tad excessive though - the Australian had a cover page...about the bombs in New Dehli? Hundreds killed in Indian train crash? The fall of the Bush jnr presidency? Nooooooo. It was the headline that Maykbe Diva will run though not on a hard track. Wow.
J xoxo

Yukky bunny...

Ew yuk. I have just found a whanau of earwigs living in our letterbox and now I am too scared to get the letters that are in there. I will leave them for my unsuspecting flatmates. Doesn't look like there's any interesting stuff. But bloody hell, some of them are HUGE. What's up with the giant wildlife in Auckland? Very odd. Would anyone like some visual evidence of my find? I feel like they're crawling on me. Gaaaaaahhh....
k xx

p.s yay halloween! I have a costume (well, a 'rock diva' wig from the Warehouse) and am all set for trick or treaters to arrive. I have lots of lollies for them. YAY!