Monday, November 21, 2005

tennis anyone?

I am delighted to report that my tennis party happened yesterday and I thought it was great. A thunderstorm threatened but after we all shook upraised fists defiantly at the sky-gods the storm passed with only distant sounds of thunder.
So we sat on the lawn and while some people did actually PLAY tennis, most of us sat there and had G & T's and the odd Pimms and ate quiche and pretended to be ladies (and some gentlemen, one of whom wasn't going to wear tennis whites but who entered right into the spirit wearing tennis blacks).
We all left when it got dark and I think everyone had an awesome time. Certainly the most well-lubricated tennis party I am likely to ever see!
J xoxox


Blogger kenandjerry said...

nice one! that sounds great. sorry have been out of touch recently. will be back into it soon. promise. and will post photos of our wine tasting tour (and elbow graze if you're lucky!)
love you!
k xx

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