Sunday, November 13, 2005

Follow up on IRD hate...

Yes, I rambled about how useless IRD are and how much I hate IR3 forms a while ago. So, this evening I got home to find a letter from them. I thought that it could be my tax refund, but no. AGES ago, like 6 MONTHS ago, I rang them and asked them to send me the forms and Summary of Earnings etc... and they sent me the IR3 form. That's fine. Last month, I rang them to ask how to fill in the IR3 from and query where my Summary of Earnings was. NOW, they have just sent it to me about a month after I completed (well, kinda) the form. This letter is dated 6th May 2005. Eh? Well, thanks IRD, that is really useful. How on EARTH has it taken 6 months to get from IRD to my house? I have no idea. Next year I will write my name and send it off. I am not going through all that again when they can easily do it themselves. Grrr... it has been a very long day and I have another week before relaxation can begin.

Plus, Courier Post lost an Exam Care Pack that my mum sent and I am very disappointed. I think the driver stole it. Evil. And now I am eagerly waiting on a package from Mastertrade, Napier? I have never been to Mastertrade in Napier. Why would they be sending me a parcel? It's very odd. Hopefully will get it on Monday. I'm sure it won't be that exciting.

Ok, bed time. Work tomorrow.

K xx


Anonymous kenandjerry said...

I'm sorry? Mastertrade NAPIER??! Wha'happen'?

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Courier Post advise they have taken the lost ECP (like that name) very seriously and the driver is being disciplined - despite my constant demands to ask him if he did deliver it to another time it will be easier, cheaper and less stressful to deliver it myself.

The large and lovely tapestry of life also includes these hassles.

3:21 PM  
Blogger kenandjerry said...

very true...

5:34 PM  

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