Wednesday, November 30, 2005

sin shmin

Rosie, at whom I am directing a considerable amount of wrath, has tagged me to confess (argh) to committing of the mortal sins. As I am not a catholic, I enjoy my sinning and am happy to oblige. Hey ho hey ho, it's off to mortally sin and commit our souls to the everlasting torture of hell we goooooo....

Wrath: Hey Hey my favourite! If I didn''t blow my stack fairly regularly, I'd..well..blow my stack. It's a vicious circle I tell you. It's fun and healthy. I'm not about to go climb a clock-tower and rain bullets on unsuspecting townspeople and I contribute that fact to my ability to expel my wrath on the people I love, like family and friends.

Greed: Haha you must be joking! I went off today and bought myself a present for getting first-class hons. It wasn't a present, it wan't a reward - it was a pure and simple case of "I want it!". These boots, I'm telling you, are made for walking the way good little god -fearing Jessica Simpson would never understand. See Lust.

Gluttony: I have terrible crushing addictions to diet coke. I swill the stuff, I drink it at night when asleep, when I wake. My belly gurgles and swishes and burbles and gurgles and yet still I tip the stuff down in unholy quantities. My punishment in hell will be like that of Tantalus, with a terrible thirst and the cold, fizzy diet coke always out of reach.

Envy: I am most embarrassed about this one, so it must be the most deep-down bad of all my sins - I do get really envious of other people, especially those who are just way way better at me at something. If fact, it's even WORSE than that, because if I think a person is a tool I am not envious of's the people who are NICE and way better than me that I am envious of despite my admiration for them. And Satan just knocked at the door, wants to know HOW cold I like my diet coke...

Pride: I'm pretty proud, yep.

Lust: Oooh X-rated... I lusted after the boots I bought myself today. I COVETED them. MMmm tasty. Boys are not worthy of my lust, not at the moment anyway, not til I got my boots on!

Sloth: Am losing my sloth. Was always highly slothful and now..well, I get so bored being slothy.

Thanks Rosie, see you in hell.

J xoxo


Blogger Rosiemunda said...

first class honours! YOu're amazing! Well done. Lets talk on the phone eh?

7:57 PM  
Blogger Rosiemunda said...

ps i can't beleive you've lost your sloth. HOpefully it will return when you go back to wellington (sloth may have originated there)

7:58 PM  

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