Thursday, November 03, 2005

Crazy shit...

Ok, a few weird things have happened recently. A few days ago I could have sworn that I heard sheep down my street. Now, my street is fairly close to town and is in no way rural. I thought it was a bit odd but went for a looksy anyway to see if my hearing was infact intact. I couldn't find anything remotely sheepish along my journey and decided I was going mad. But it turns out that I am totally sane. On my way home today, I passed a house a few doors down which is rearing two lambs at present. One of them is sick and I imagine they were abandoned on their farm. Anyway, I got quite excited about it all and in typical Kerry style I recited my entire life history to these people (J, you know all about this) who looked slightly bewildered at my manic state. Oh dear. Poor people. But it is nice to know I am sane.

Having said that, last night I experienced a ghostly presence. Many of you won't believe me but I don't care. I know what I saw and felt and I know that it is not normal. Anyway, the Civic theatre where I work (well, the cafe/bar underneath it) was built back in the 20s or 30s. In the process of being built, 10 people died. As well as that, a man fell off the second tier ages ago and died. Heaps of people that I've spoken to have said that it is haunted including a really big, don't-believe-in-ghosts kind of man who works as a security guard there. So, I finished work at about 10.30 last night and went up to the storeroom which is part of the theatre. We have two storerooms, number1 and number 4. Number 4 feels fairly safe but when you have to go up the steps towards the main theatre and number 1, it is so scary. Lights always flickering and just a weird vibe. So, I had to go to number 1 first to get some beer and then went to get changed in 4. While I was getting changed, a door failry close by slammed shut. At that time of night there is no one in the building. All the security guards have gone home by then. So I had a bit of a panic but calmed down and just grabbed my stuff and left. Between 4 and the main door onto Queen St, there is a wide, fairly short hallway. I was walking pretty fast but as I neared the door, this white mist appeared and felt like it was all around me. So I fucking caned it out of there and got back down to the bar almost in tears. One of the other bartenders then told me that he had had an awful experience in the foyer area when there were problems with the electricity (they were re routing all the lights I think) and he had to go up there with a candle to get ice. He was shitting himself but he looked up and there was a woman there and his candle went out. When he finally got it going again (rather frantically, it seemed), she had gone.
There is a definite vibe of something not quite right in there and I have vowed to myself never to go in there alone again. It was awful. I hardly slept at all last night.

Believe it or not...

K xx


Blogger kenandjerry said...

That sounds like my night-terrors, which I have never thought of as ghosties but .... you never know. I always get praeternaturally TERRIFIED at nothing/ or something??

Hope you are OK.

6:10 PM  
Blogger BadBarbie said...

Oooh, creepy! My crazy alkie auntie in Ireland saw a goat in her front garden which "looked sick" and was "a premonition" apparently. I think it was just the vodka myself...Ghost goats? Not convinced. I would do a kind of psychic blanket thing when you are in the scary spooky place on your own, just imagine you are wrapped in a protective blue light and repeat "I am safe and protected in all I do" as you go about your business. Maybe say it in your head in case people think you are a loon. Stay safe XX

4:32 AM  

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