Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I just had to put this on the blog. This was my birthday present from Richards parents. They don't have a computer so I think it's safe to put it on the blog without offending them. I'm not entirely sure what they were intending me to do with it? Surely not wear it! It never ceases to amaze me the stuff they send... thank god it's the thought that counts. They also sent me a giant foam lobster hat one year. The only excuse I can come up with is that they are from Florida.
K xx

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Well, my seminar has been cancelled today! AHHHHHHHHHH! I hate Virgil, hate the Aeneid, and now another week of pain before I can let it go forever. Cancellation due to teacher getting a white-tail spider bite. Other teacher broke arm and leg falling down stairs in a restaurant. (No, I did not push her.) I do beleive that there's conspiracy, because tonight I have to entertain 35 fisheries bureaucrats at the Residence. Yes, that is correct. FISHERIES BUREAUCRATS.
Oh, woe is me!
J xoxo

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Bathroom

We are having opur bathroom fixed by the landlord as I type. That's all very well but now am DESPERATE to go to the toilet... dilemma! What to do!? The bathroom is in the most shocking state. I literally think I'm about to fall through the floor of the shower because it's so rotten. Don't think landlord is going to be doing much about that anyway... maybe just replacing panels on the inside of the shower which I'm not sure is much use if the whole thing falls into the scum under the house and disinegrates.

Assignment is done. YAY! One more to go and then it's pretty much over. Holidays looming on the horizon although unsure whether I'll be able to get out of work. Really would love to get home for a bit. We'll see though. Maybe a bit of sweet talking to the boss will work.

Hello, J, you are online.


Monday, August 29, 2005


Well, thank god the South Africans have been beaten. And who better to do it than the All Blacks. Although the ref was a bit of an ass. I don't know, Lloyd, the French are assholes. But in the end it didn't matter. We came out on top. So, a round of applause for the All Blacks, please.

I have an assignment to write today and as you can see I'm procrastinating. And there are HEAPS of things I can do after this as well. My room is a tip, the rats need their cage cleaned, the dishes are yet to be done and it's a beautiful day outside. I have a feeling I may be doing an allnighter. Or just doing it after class tomorrow. Very bad form and I hope my lecturers don't find this page.

I read a liitle while ago that quite a few people have been fired from their jobs because they've been slagging their bosses/company off on the web. Ha ha... they are like stoopids. I love my lecturers. They are awesome. But I don't want them to find out how slack I am being. I should have gone to Deaf Church today (you all know how wholesome and religious I am.. HA) but I haven't. Oops. Oh well.... maybe some other time. Maybe.

Anyway, I think the best place to start whould be to do the readings for this assignment so then at least I can ponder stuff while procrastinating. Reflect (that is the assignment) on times past.
Right.. I'm off to be studious.

K xx

J's Weekend


partay motha fuckay

Hey y'all

Had a great weekend, which is uber-naughty because I have a seminar to present on Wed. Oh well, went to a party on Saturday and it was an old-fashioned cocktail party so (praise!) a chance to dress up. And all the people were really good sports and brought amazing bottles of liquor - felt like a stage show for the Rat Pack at the Sands or something, and in the words of Harry and Lloyd, the beer flowed like wine....and the Bacardi flowed and the tanqueray and well...a good night was had by all.

Met lots of good people which, for those of you who have heard about Canberra (or worse still, been here), is great news and timely. Yay for partays.

So back at the LIBRARY now, having a good ol' time studying Augustan Rome, and wearing my Mr T t-shirt - it's a great day!

J xoxo

Martina is back

Yeah, J, check out how blonde he is. Told you. Here he is sitting on the front steps serenading me. He he... lucky me!
Talk tonight.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Thorry, thorry.....

Oops... it's been a while eh? Back from the bay with a rapidly fading glint in my eye. Isn't it awful how one week can be amazing and is over so quickly and you have to go back to reality and school? Why must these times end? Melbourne is a good example (sorry, have just written an essay so things will be backed up with examples) as was this week when Marty came home. Had an amazing time down on the farm.. walked to the top of a hill and got an awesome panoramic shot of Hawkes Bay. Prolly a bit big to put on the blog though. But I like the one of wool.

Took a bit of time off uni this week to spend some quality time with Marty on his brief stopover in Dorkland. Hope you enjoyed yourself. The trip sounds fantastic and I'm sure there are many more stories to pop out over the next year or so. And looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos.

Went to a Deaf election thing last night. Steve Franks was there. Interesting.... Act are opposing the Sign Language Bill. Very strange. Don't think they have much support from the Deaf community surprisingly.

The Erotica Expo is on here at the moment and the other day on our walk back from the Viaduct, there was a parade down Queen St. Half naked people on Harleys and tanks. Quite amusing. The construction workers above had a FIELD DAY! Plus, check out the guy next to the topless woman... bet he hates his job (that's a tank they're on).

So, I hope everyone is still alive and kicking out there in various possies throughout the world. Keep up the comments.... WE LOVE THEM! And we wuv you too... 'wuv'? What is this 'wuv'? The concept of 'wuv' confuses and infuriates me.

K xx

Friday, August 26, 2005

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Monday, August 22, 2005

ahhhh pain

Hello folks

I have been so immersed in Medea that I can hardly utter, but feel guilty about abandoning our precious baby blog.

I gave my first seminar last week (first for the term anyway). It was intense but went well. I have spent 11 hours in front of a screen today, rewriting all three (3!!) of my thesis chapters. Am stuffed, have permanent hunchback and a craving for champagne, but feels good to do so much work (finally....ooops). Another seminar in a week, eek, but then I am free to work on the thesis until it's done. And then I will be FREEEEEE as a BIRD.

K is in the Hawkes Bay with MArty, who has just returned from a year overseas. Welcome back, spunkrat. He is apparently all blondie again YAY, but I'll leave that for K to update when she returns.

In the meantime, have fun y'all. I miss everyone very much...

J xoxoxox

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

crack is wack

Both y'all should know that crack is wack... and Bobby/Wi ain't worth a damn.

Monday, August 15, 2005

VP day in canberra yippee

Yesterday 100,000 people went to Lake Burley-Griffin to celebrate VP (not VPL) day. It was marked with fly-bys (not drive-bys), fireworks (not fires) and a fuel burn-off by F-111's (not a burn off by Shane in his Camaro). So, as you can see, it was not as exciting as it might have been.

Here are some planes....
That flew up above...
In perfectly straight lines....
Don't ya just LOVE....

J xoxo

Ode to the great Lange

RIP a great man. Politics shmolitics, anyone to can tell a yuppie, upstart American to hold his breath coz he could smell the uranium on it deserves our eternal devotion. I met him in Los Angeles, when he came and visited, because Mum was his host sort of... and when asked where we should go he said Burger King - so Dad took him to Burger King. And we took him to theme park and the Americans were just dying of fear that some fat Head of State would be gunned down on their watch at somewhere like Magic Mountain. And my parents ASSURE me, word of truth, that when they all went on a rollercoaster, the Secret Servicemen's guns fell out of their holsters when the rollercoater went upside down, and clattered 30 feet to the conrete below (though I have no recollection of the time!).

The Australians are ALL calling him a "Colossus". Like "A Colossus of politics" and "A Colossus that strode the political landscape" and "Farewell to a Colossus".

So... farewell to a collossus who strode the political landscape like, well... a colossus of politics.

J xoxo

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Yeah, I know... rats again. But this is just so adorable. They were snoozing in my hood. Finally got Wedge to stay still!
Rugby tonight... GO THE MIGHTY ALL BLACKS! If they lose again, I am giving up hope totally. It's all over.
AND... HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHARD! Best present of all would be the All Blacks winning I imagine. See you next weekend.
K xx

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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Thursday, August 11, 2005

murder she wrote

Props to Cam who told me about the midday sessions of MSW.
J xoxo

murder she wrote

It's 2ish and I'm at work. It's 5 degrees outside and there are 400 irate farmers parked in their tractors on Parliament's lawn. And so, Canberry goes on....

I watched Murder She Wrote this afternoon and I had forgotten how awesome Angela Lansbury was! It's such a good show, honestly..what is the point of doing an Honours degree when it just take me out of the house and a) prevents me from dedicating my life to watching Murder, She Wrote episodes at midday during the week and b) prevents me from dedicating MY life to being a dilettante crime writer/investigator! Go Angela!

J xoxo

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

it's SNOWING!!!!!

Call me childish but it just started snowing here in Canberra. It's, as my dad would say, cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, but I've been outside catching snowflakes on my tongue! Yaya for snow!

J xox

my lips hurt real BAD.

I just want everyone to know....

I went to some markets the other weekend and this guy had a baby llama. I got to feed it an apple and you know the only words going through my mind???


J xoxo

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

it'll be proper bo!

This blog should be renamed the Rosie Scott Memorial Appreciation Thanks-fo'-having-us Chamone Mothafucka blog. I couldn't resist! Cheers Rosemeister for introducing us to Bo'Selecta. If you ain't seen it, find it!
J xoxxo

yay for comments


Thank you big time to all the cool kids that leave comments on our blog! It is SO exciting to see that people look at this...!

To all the people that don't comment, please do - this is blogging remember and our egos need commenting on (even if it's to say what a freakshow we have spawned!).

J xoxo

Monday, August 08, 2005

why is tommy lee in Missy Elliott's new video???

Tommy Lee..... PLus MIssy Elliott ....

Weel, the All Blacks have failed us again. I didn't even see the game because I fell asleep but I really think it's better not to care because rugby is far too emotional. Last year during the tri-Nations, it was awful. I got really involved in the game and we lost every time and I was so depressed about it. Terrible. It's just a game. So now I am off to watch some mind numbing Sunday afternoon TV before I go to work.
Is there a sacrafish in the house?
K xx

Sunday, August 07, 2005

frustration II

Obviously I am having some trouble with the schoolwork....

J xoxo

Saturday, August 06, 2005



AHAHAHAHA.... that little man has made my day. Such a temper! But I can relate. Many a time have I felt like that. Ok... must leave this post because I want to watch the man throwing his toys from the pram again. Hehe. Then back to sleep in my sunny corner (I WILL be reincarnated as a cat). Which reminds me... 2 people (Americans) approached me on the street the other day while I was having my 2 minute cigi break at work and started asking me why I thought I had been put on Earth. For them it was because God loved them. Bloody hell.... considering the fact that David and I had been scorning Christians only minutes before because someone said he would rot in hell for being gay, we chuckled silently to ourselves and he took off (bastard!) leaving me to deal with these people on my own. Why would people do that? Grrr... infuriating. This concept of Godly wuv confuses and infuriates me.
K xx
P.s. the reason the reincarnation thing reminded me of that is because I told them I wanted to be reincarnated as a cat. haha.

Friday, August 05, 2005

thank you Mr Anonymous ( we know who you are!)

President Reagan grooming George Dubya for the Republican Leadership.
J thanks to a certain RS for the tipoff.

to pete our favourite boy

Happy birthday darlin boy!

To a much-loved friend

Much love

kenandjerry xoxo

Thursday, August 04, 2005

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Thank god for friends who know about blogs

Right, now ANYONE can comment. Wow! Cheers Rosie for that little tip. What would we do without you? I'm sorry... I thought somehow I had told you about the blog (come to think of it, maybe it was telepathic). I've been visiting yours and holding out for the next exciting entry. There was a bit of a down time there though due to lack of internet. Glad to see you're back up and running.
I really have nothing to write. Hmmm.... worked last night. Was quite amusing. And handed in first assignment this avo. One down, 15 to go. And am going to try and start another today. Wishful thinking maybe. But we'll see.
Oh Jenny you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind.... GO JENNY...
Ha, seems odd seeing 'Jenny'. Been thinking about the Lackey Locker Little Minders a bit today. 'Member? He he.
Righty tighty, lefty loosy (surely 'loosy' is wrong)
K xx