Monday, August 29, 2005

partay motha fuckay

Hey y'all

Had a great weekend, which is uber-naughty because I have a seminar to present on Wed. Oh well, went to a party on Saturday and it was an old-fashioned cocktail party so (praise!) a chance to dress up. And all the people were really good sports and brought amazing bottles of liquor - felt like a stage show for the Rat Pack at the Sands or something, and in the words of Harry and Lloyd, the beer flowed like wine....and the Bacardi flowed and the tanqueray and well...a good night was had by all.

Met lots of good people which, for those of you who have heard about Canberra (or worse still, been here), is great news and timely. Yay for partays.

So back at the LIBRARY now, having a good ol' time studying Augustan Rome, and wearing my Mr T t-shirt - it's a great day!

J xoxo


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