Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Bathroom

We are having opur bathroom fixed by the landlord as I type. That's all very well but now am DESPERATE to go to the toilet... dilemma! What to do!? The bathroom is in the most shocking state. I literally think I'm about to fall through the floor of the shower because it's so rotten. Don't think landlord is going to be doing much about that anyway... maybe just replacing panels on the inside of the shower which I'm not sure is much use if the whole thing falls into the scum under the house and disinegrates.

Assignment is done. YAY! One more to go and then it's pretty much over. Holidays looming on the horizon although unsure whether I'll be able to get out of work. Really would love to get home for a bit. We'll see though. Maybe a bit of sweet talking to the boss will work.

Hello, J, you are online.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd love you to come home for a while too.......

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