Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Well, my seminar has been cancelled today! AHHHHHHHHHH! I hate Virgil, hate the Aeneid, and now another week of pain before I can let it go forever. Cancellation due to teacher getting a white-tail spider bite. Other teacher broke arm and leg falling down stairs in a restaurant. (No, I did not push her.) I do beleive that there's conspiracy, because tonight I have to entertain 35 fisheries bureaucrats at the Residence. Yes, that is correct. FISHERIES BUREAUCRATS.
Oh, woe is me!
J xoxo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

THAT'S REALLY FREAKY! where did you find it? how do you find all these bizarre things. do you have a special 'bizarre things to put on your blog' website? TELL ME!
k xx

2:21 PM  

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