Friday, January 13, 2006

Welcome to 2006

Hello everyone and welcome to this hopefully wonderful new year. I hope all celebrations went as planned and that everyone had a monumentally happy New Year. I have set my hopes high for this year to be good filled with intense study counteracted by intense funness when I get the time.

Things are changing once again as all the people I have come to know and love up here are departing for far more exciting places such as Welly and Melbourne. Damn them. But at the same time at least all my nearest and dearest are in the same country as I am at long last and therefore visiting is made oh so much easier. Plus my Martina is moving up here very soon and I am overjoyed about that. And J is visiting for the Big Day Out next week which will be fantabulous.

And the weather is amazing. Very hot and sunny. Mum (who is up here for the Heineken Open) and I went out to Goat Island the other day and went snorkelling with huge snapper and blue mau mau. It was awesome. Highly recommended. Splendid day out. And Pakiri beach is beautiful too.

Anyway, room is in desperate need of a clean up (haven't unpacked since New Year) so i better get onto it.

Love to one and all!
K xx


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