Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Wow, I feel so special! Have been working long hours this week (much longer than I had anticipated) but tonight John Cleese came into the bar. His show started last night in the theatre and runs for a few more days but tonight he made an appearance in the actual bar. Really, it's not often that happens, that the performers come and have a drink so tonight has been super exciting. He actually talked to me, man! Admittedly it was about an autograph in the bar book and really nothing to do with me and my response was probably somewhere along the lines of "Yes Mr Cleese, of course Mr Cleese, whatever you want Mr Cleese, you are awesome, may I bow before you." but it seemed like a normal conversation at the time seeing as I was so star-struck and all. Wow! Amazing!
Now I really need to sleep and enjoy my day off tomorrow. I am totally brain fucked from last week. There's a BBQ on the cards if I can summon friends.
K xx


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