Monday, December 19, 2005

Ciao, 2005!

Where has this year gone? It would seem that 'they' are right when they say 'The older you get, the faster years go by'. This year hasn't even had time to begin let alone endure another Christmas.

I figure this will be the last post for 2005 seeing as it is now Monday and Christmas is on Sunday. Within this week, disgusting quantities of alcohol and food will be consumed and presents flung in all directions. What a great time of year. Well, not the lead up to it but the actual celebration incorporates all the things I love.

J will be blessing Auckland with her presence tomorrow and I'm extremely excited. However, the BBQ that has been arranged is not looking so hopeful because this week it is meant to rain. And knowing Aucklands meaning of rain, that means thunder and lightning and a possible tornado. Hopefully the weather will realise that it is J arriving and look kindly upon us for just one day. But tomorrow, or Wednesday I will be cracking open my Christmas present from work, a bottle (small... 330ml) of Etoile Biere de Brut Cuvee and sharing it with my bestest friend. I actually think the whole case of it was meant for the owner but he generously donated one to each of his staff. It's from our supplier, DB. Cheers DB! And my boss.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year wherever you may be and arrive safely in 2006.

So, blog 2005, I bid you farewell....

K xx


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