Thursday, December 08, 2005

welcome to california

Hey Hey

Long time no post I know!

I am in the midst of moving and reorganising my life pre-return to Wellywood and I have been striving for some physical improvement. Unfortunately my running programme has been abandoned due to the swarms of flies that PLAGUE this city in summer. Aussies are cool, wave their hands in front of their faces and continue to live normal lives. I, on the other hand, shriek wildly and thrash my whole body about, ducking and writhing and swatting myself with abandon (those of you who have seen me in the presence of moths are familiar with the action!). I look like a crazy person. Dad, in the meantime, discovered a new way to humiliate me just when I thought that I'd become immune to the horrible teenage affliction of shame-by-parentals by wearing what can only be described as an elasticated mosquito-net head covering. It is the most unattractive and at the same time UNIQUE pieces of apparel I have EVER seen. Oh the shame.

I made up for the fly swatting by getting a spray-tan thingy. Not only do I get to not die of cancer, but the foul smell and orange-skinned disguise is confusing to the flies and they leave me alone. Hahah. Made all the more fun by the MOST ATTRACTIVE man in the whole world. He was obviously no brain-surgeon (unless the solarium gig is part-time, plus I doubt it) but was so overwhemingly hot that it made up for it. I think he knew he was hot, and that's OK, cos he was so I didn't mind. Lord have mercy I am DISTRAUGHT that I found him now when I am leaving. The lady at the solarium in Welly probably looks like an elderly hooker on holiday from prison, you know- smoke-smelling, leathery, old, sun ravaged. Wah!

Back to NZ soon, fans, so keep your hair on. Can not wait to see everybody.!!!.

J xoxo


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