Friday, August 17, 2007

Tag, you're it.

Rosie tagged us (probably a long time ago - I forgot to check date of post) with the 8 random things tag. So... seeing as I think I am the only person who checks this blog let alone posts on it here goes...

1. I used to have a dead collection. It consisted of dead things.

2. I became a vegetarian when Rosie became a fussy-tarian. What happened to the 'responsible meat-eater', Rosie? Chicken pies, indeed!

3.Of all things possible I chose to become qulaified in Sign Language Interpreting. WHo would have thought?

4. I have a shelf of things I've found on the ground. Some of them I bought (the Winnie the Pooh Animal Wear collection toys... Octopooh is king! See photo) but most were brought to me by fate.

5. I have 70 tomato plants at present. All planted at exactly the wrong time of year. What am I going to do with them all!?

6.I snooze at least 5 times before actually making an effort to get out of bed each morning.

7. I recently attended a party where there was a cake-jumper. Yes, a cake-jumper. And the party was within my immediate family.

8. I have a serious obsession with stationery of all sorts

I don't know any other people with blogs so I can't tag anyone else. Sa-a-ad. Except Jen but I think she has given up on the blog.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is anyone there?

Well hello again. It has been quite a while. And I think I may be the only person using or even checking this blog now.

I'm back in Welly. It is very cold. M went surfing this morning and when he got out he still couldn't feel his feet an hour later. It's that kind of cold. I wisely stayed in the car and read about the quarter life crisis which I feel I am in the middle of.

Nothing particularly exciting has been happening. It is my birthday on Tuesday but I don't think it's going to be a big event. I will have hit the quarter century. It's a milestone. Maybe I will spend the day in bed feeling sorry for myself. I have a nice bottle of wine that could keep me company :)

I have quit smoking and therefore have been very sick for the past week with gross stuff coming out of my lungs, eyes, nose, ears... it's not pleasant. But hopefully it will stop soon. Surely it can't get any worse.

A while ago, M and I wanted to go to the zoo but it was Queen's birthday so the entire population of Auckland decided to go on the same day. Instead we went to Western Springs and fed the geese. I had never realised that M is actually terrified of them. He was really funny. So I fed them and he watched. But if you hold the bread just above their head they will jump tp get it. The photo is of one goose in mid air. It was so funny. I really like geese even though they can be evil if provoked.

Haha... stupid goose.

Anyway, I might get going and prepare myself for Home & Away which is as addictive as heroin. No exaggeration.

Maybe soon someone will post something somewhere.....

K xx

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Only fools and horses....

Stupid computer. Just typed an almost complete post when computer, without warning, just shut down. Grrr... what I said was this...

I have somehow mangled my photo uploader which tried to upload all 4,000,000 photos at the same time. And, sorry J, I think I have changed the username without being warned. It just asked me for my gmail address and has changed the log in name. Sorry. When I talk to you I will tell you the password etc if you want.

Also, the real reason I wanted to post is because I have just started semi-leasing 2 horses, Dixie and Cassie. Semi-leasing is a difficult thing to explain so you will just have to believe me. And I wanted to put a photo of them on so this is it. Now I can't position my photos so it will just have to be there. I don't want it there but it won't move. Cassie is the bay and Dixie is the grey. And it rhymes. They both look a bit sleepy in the photo. Cassie may be heading to Gisbourne soon in exchange for a filly but nothing definite yet. And I am gearing up to fully break in Dixie. She's pretty good though. Hopefully won't be too difficult. Possibly famous last words though.
Anyway, having messed around for hours now, I am going to bed. It's been a long day.
K xx

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Haunting of the Meat

I keep having awful dreams. Since becoming a vegetarian some 4 months ago I have passed the phase where I miss meat. I am content in my veges. However, recently I have started having very vivid dreams that I am either tricked into eating meat or that I forget I am vegetarian and therefore eat pies. And every morning I wake up feeling really guilty. I am hoping that this is a phase as well and I'm not going to be haunted by these dreams for the rest of my life. Guilt is the worst feeling. But obviously after a while, I do realise that it was a dream and there i no need for the guilt (almost wrote quilt - ha!). I guess only time will tell.

On a happier note, I applied to volunteer at the SPCA in Wellington while I'm here and they called back yesterday and I start on Monday. Very excited! And next year I will do the same in Auckland and hopefully foster some animals while we're there. It is going to be difficult to give them up though. The one in Wellington has rats at the moment which is also hugely exciting. I miss my ratties.

I found an old video with a few clips of Question ages ago. Running up and down the hall and sleeping on his head on the windowsill in our bedroom. And some footage of Wedge and Wicker when they were TINY. So cute. They had oversized ears, eyes and balls. Ha. So funny. I can't wait to start!

Ok, I should be doing Xmas stuff but am procrastinating. What a surprise!'


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

DipSli approved

I AM AN INTERPRETER! A real one! How amazing.... I am so excited. And I found out in the Bulls Community Library so it was a very memorable day. One I shall never, ever forget. After all the drama of the Simulatneous exam, it all worked out for the best. I can now start being paid for the work I do! That is awesome. I have no more to say. Going to dentist soon. Wish me luck....
K xx

Monday, November 06, 2006

First weekend of freedom.

Well, what a weekend. We finished our course completely on Thursday. Very surreal feeling having no uni to go back to. So to celebrate, our class went out on the razzle dazzle straight after our last class...

We went to the casino where I couldn't take photos. Also didn't win any money. On Friday night our flat had a cocktail party which went down a treat except for the fact that our bartender was 4 hours late! And very drunk...

The drunk bartender and I ended up going into town and hanging out with people from the first year of the interpreting course. Was interesting. Awful bar.
On Saturday, M's band and I went to Rangitoto Island for the night. Staying at the singer's bach. Was really beautiful. But I cut my feet to shreds by being a drunken lush in bad shoes roaming razor sharp volcanic rock...

But I found a stick insect and kina are really pretty...

Got home yesterday and did nothing and then had my first day back at the bar today. All exactly the same. BUT... I FOUND A HEDGEHOG! It was being chased by a cat and I saved him. He was a cutie. TINY although he doesn't look it in this photo. Just a wittle baby. First hedgehog I've seen up here....

And if this doesn't bloody work I am going to be very angry... this blog post I mean. It has taken forever to upload the images!
So has been a good weekend. Hope you have all enjoyed yourselves as well. Hope exams are ok for those who have them.
See you Welly folk in a few weeks!
K xx

Monday, October 23, 2006

Painfully bored...

I am so bored. That's a great way to start a post, eh? Can you just imagine the riveting information that will follow? Does riveting have 2 t's? That's probably the most spine-tinglingly exciting sentence of this post. Although 'spine-tingling' (I'm now questioning whether that is even a word) is a pretty snazzy hyphenated twosome. Reminds me slighty of a lumber puncture or epidural but I'm sure they don't tingle as much as they induce painful wails.
I really should be doing some practice for exams rather than writing my train of thought but if I practice this NZSL speech once more I may have to dramatically impale myself on the closet (haha, or closest) sharp object in the room.
Why must Auckland rain constantly? It makes me mad. Grrr... As if this house isn't damp enough as it is. I just cleaned 36 tonnes of mould off various surfaces in here and I don't bloody want to have to do it again. And it appears that both the car door and our back door are leaking. Thank god we're getting out of here soon. Just a few.. more... weeks...
Right, so bored that there is no brain function. Bugger.
K xx