Wednesday, December 14, 2005

farewell oz

Oh my god it's my last day here in Canberra. What a fast year! I feel as though I've only just arrived and then back I go!

I am so looking forward to the return and to see all my friends again (and Welly - I feel about Welly the same way as New Yorkers feel about New York, it's the best city despite the fog/wind/rain/storms). Canberry has been fun, especially the last half when I managed to make a few friends (oh the shame of being a no-mate AND a geek eugh). I'm going to miss everyone here though. So farewell!

I managed a classics swansong when I invited a few people back to the house after a Homer Conference at the ANU which swiftly turned into an alcohol-swilling symposium. I'm glad my last sunday in Canberra was spent being drunk and disorderly with classicists - it summed up my entire year!

Tonight it's off the the Phoenix - my favourite bar here in Canberra (there are SO few good ones to choose from unlike Welly, where the weather imposes the need for lots o' warm watering holes). Then tomorrow - HOME.

See you all soon Welly-folk. Goodbye and thanks for all the fun Canberries. Keep in touch.



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