Tuesday, January 17, 2006

sorry bout the lag


I am sorry that we have been so slack. I am irked (oooh!) because I have a million great photos to show you all but my computer had le tantrum last night and then I had a tantrum and...well, no photos.

But I have been having a fantastic time in Welly. The flat is cool and I am so glad that I am back with my friends (me and Em had a monster victory at Pictionary the other day which, though it sounds a bit lame written down, was AWESOME). We've been hanging at the beach, and picnicing up at the Botanical Gardens where lots of live music is being played all summer. Yay for Wellington. Rosie was down for a while as well, so lots of fun was had, though she has now left BOO HOO!

Big Day Out on Thursday. All flatties attending, plus K and Alice. Going to be a good day!

Photos forthcoming...

Keep in touch, especially 'Strines..

J xox


Blogger kenandjerry said...

and OH! those summer niiiiiiights in welly. how i miss them. hopefully auckland will become a bit more exciting soon. BDO will be great however it is in a stadium rather than plush park and i'm sure picnics there are out of the question! can't wait to see you!

11:42 PM  

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