Sunday, July 31, 2005


I'm sorry but you all MUST know... Marty will be home in 20 days. He wouldn't tell me the date because he wanted it to be a surprise but having mentioned that I was going to Hawkes Bay for a weekend on the 19th August, he had to tell me (well, actually, I kinda guessed) that he was arriving that day. YAY!
Anyway, I am having a celebratory beer and am now going to see if my flatmates are interested in seeing our blog. I'm going to show them anyway and they WILL love it.
Almost in tears....
K xxx

Saturday, July 30, 2005


New blonde me...The mean-face is coz I took the photo myself and it's difficult to engage with the photographer when it's you.

bill viola: water

More Inanity

J: I got my hair done yesterday YAY. Photo will follow in the spirits of ego-blogging.

I am going out tonight, lordy me, the excitement? It's a rare day here in Canberry that I go anywhere on a saturday night - not like Welly eh???

I went to the Australian National Gallery today to see the Australian Sculpture exhibition and an installation by a video artist called Bill Viola. See his work if you can - I was literally blown away by the power of his work and by the way he evoked really old-school light and imagery with a super-modern medium. Awesome stuff.

Anyway, hope everyone has had a great weekend.

J xox

Home by 10.30 on a Friday... tragic!

Wow! People other than ourselves (yes, thank you J for the lovely comments from baggywrinkle!) have actually posted comments. I feel so amzingly cool now! God, I'm a loser. Anyway, have just returned from Deaf club. Had a lovely time as usual chatting away to people about this, that and the other. Some didn't recognise me at first. One even suggested that I was wearing a wig (possible but I think the regrowth may be a bit of a giveaway).
Feeling slightly odd tonight for some reason. Bit light headed. Not nice. Thought I should let you know. But I'm fine. Procrastinating as usual. MUST do assignment tomorrow or I will be up all night on Sunday trying to do it.
Right I'm going to get food and then go to bed so I can be a box of fluffies for work tomorrow.
Ha! 'Fluffies' is a funny word....
Belly fluff and toe jam sandwiches all round.


I am totally incapable of doing any work. Have the simplest of assignments to do by Monday but it's just not happening. Brain has frozen. Seems that J and I are in the same boat when it comes to school work. Very pleased with the Awaroa pics on here. Nice one bruv. I said... NICE ONE BRUVA!!
Anyway, went out last night which was good. Caught up with the lovely (and tanned - bitch) Kate and her friend Jules. Had a few bevvies at our local, Brooklyn, and then progressed to Crowbar. Getting back into the ol' Thursday drinkies again after a month off due to various excursions around the world. I fear though that in the coming weeks I am going to have to tie myself to this chair just so I can get some work done. Not a happy thought.
In fact, what am I doing blogging? Bad K. Very bad.
Diving into the 7th circle of hell.....
K xx

Friday, July 29, 2005

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Too Right


Thursday, July 28, 2005

99 red balloons

J: I went ballooning here in Canberra and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced! Totally quiet and peaceful and a bit scary, with literally nothing beneath your feet!


J: I am rewriting my first thesis chapter and it's driving me insane. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. And I certainly don't feel like rewriting...I would rather set the bloody thing on fire.

On a good note, tomorrow I'm getting my hair done.

The other day, one of my super-intellectual classmates called me a bimbo. I cannot imagine why?

the hangover....

J xox



Elections are soon and in the interests of saving me thousands of dollars (and possible saving a few bob for yourselves, though I don't much care about that! C'mon, a blog is about solipsism and vanity.) Please vote and vote for the party that will save me the most money and that is LABOUR because they are planning to wipe student loan debt. Plus, Don Brash is a complete flake. You don't have to listen to me on this but I want you to. I really, really do. Do it!

LABOUR for a WEALTHY and OSTENTATIOUSLY EXTRAVAGANT future life for J (....and maybe you too)

J xoxo

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Thought I could add a few photos from a while back in Welly. Everyone looked awesome at this Hollywood/Bollywood theme party. A good night was had by all and to the people who hosted it.... I'm REALLY sorry I took off with that hat! Had a marvellous time.
Wear the fox hat?

Kerry and stolen hat Posted by Picasa

Gids as Bollywood porn star Posted by Picasa

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Blogger's Block

This blogging business is highly addictive. However, it seems that my life is so dull that I have nothing to write about. Very tragic. It rains constantly here in Auckland so the spirits are down and hands are numb. The most exciting thing that has happened to me today is that a strange woman offered me and another girl at the bus stop a lift into town. Generous offer but slightly odd I thought. Maybe I've just become too wary of people. All I had was images of her attacking us in the car. Also maybe an overactive imagination. We both gratefully declined and froze our asses off for another 10 minutes waiting for the bus to drive past us yet again with a full load of commuters. I did eventually get on a bus thank god. Would have been terrible to have missed the second day of school as well seeing as took yesterday off because was sick. Great start to the semester I feel.
That's all I've got for now.
Shoo bop doo wop....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

it had been a really hard morning......

A classics joke from a classics geek - J

awaroa joys

Hey more awaroa. Top is the girly gang at New Years, l-r: jen, emma, rach, kerry and rosie. Below is Emma gambolling in the surf! Hehe


since K mentioned Awaroa, I thought that I'd post a pic of this most magical place. K's family has a house down there and it really is godzone - totally isolated (no electricity, no roads, access by track or boat) and is amazingly beautiful. It is placed on an estuary in the Abel Tasman National Park, near Nelson in the South Island. It's the sight of many an amazing memory....
J x

Had to be done

I'm really sorry but the rats had to have a spot on the blog. This I feel is a particularly cool photo of Wicker having a nosey along the back of the couch in Awaroa. Wedge is yet to have a suitable photo taken... if only he would stay vaguely still!
Bring it ON!!!

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born again

J: there has been a lot of talk lately here in Aus that because Osama Bin Laden is a Muslim, all Muslims are by default terrorists/radicals/suicide bombers. Using the same logic, coz George Dubya is a born-again Christian and unilaterally invades and bombs other countries, I'm going to assume that all born-again christians are marauding bombing freaks and firebomb them in their churches. Alright, I know it's not actually the same logic at all but you get my point? It's bizarre to paint a whole diverse group of people with one defining common feature as serial killers. Like all Americans are psychotic and sociopathic becasue the Unabomber sat in a hut in Michigan or something. Actually......

Monday, July 25, 2005

nuw zuhland

J: Well, I'm exceedingly proud of being from Aotearoa but I must confess that, in my job, I am also very embarrassed of the nuh zuhlanders that ring up. They, for the most part, are total imbeciles. And, worse than that, they have the most apalling stories. I'm glad it's me taking the calls and not an aussie, put it that way.
Here's a wee tidbit from this morning:

Caller: uh, like, I'm from nuh zuhland and my boyfriend, who's an aussie, wants to stop me taking my daughter to NZ.
JL: Yes?
C: Can he?
JL: Let me see if I can find some info on this for you (thinking: not a bloody chance mate). Is your boyfriend the father?
C: yup, and he's like in jail.
JL: OK (thinking: yes of course he is)
C: and he's left me for another woman so I don't see why I can't, like, take my daughter to, like Nu Zuhland...
JL: I'm afraid it's a legal matter, you'll have to call a lawyer.
C: well, I like, don't have a lawyer.
JL: OK I'll look one up for you. (Thinking: why don't you use the one that left your ex-boyfriend in prison?)...

And so on. I don't think that this has expressed fully how obnoxious and irritating this woman was. I think her boyfriend went to jail to escape her. And there are calls like this everyday...
Whingeing wont stop it, so I'll stop, but just so you're aware that we should have standards to uphold if we don't want to be known as the Alabama of the world, or a Jerry Springer NZ.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

In jokes out of order

K: Hmmm.... maybe photos such as the one below do not belong on blogs. It is a doll Jen, Rosie and I found at the zoo. Very much resembles a crime scene. Rape victim face down, skirt raised and no underwear. Rapist is still at large. Suspect is considered armed and dangerous.
Over and out.

Forensic Photo Posted by Picasa

Freedom (maybe)

HA! End of the Film Festival - THANK GOD! No more frantic customers yelling "is that mine? Can I have it takeaway? Is it trim? Are they ours? Is it decaf? Where are mine? I've been waiting for ages" all in one breath. Really... why don't people understand that if there are 15 people ahead of you, your coffee will not magically appear on the bar within 2 seconds? Sorry... really is a huge relief. Swear to God though, those women who were like that are asking for a can o' whipass. Let this be a lesson to you all.
But it's all over. Now back to the torture of university and assignments. Don't quite know which is worse. Still have to wake up early. Ugh! No more standing for 9 consecutive hours though.
Grass is always greener....
So, for now we will remember the happy times. Melbourne being a true highlight. Please all raise your glasses to Rosie and her wonderful flatmates that accomodated us for the 8 days of our stay. Good on ya, mate(s)! May there be many more times ahead. No doubt about it!
Eat the food, Tina....

St Jerome's

This is K and J in a bar in Melbourne, where Rosie took us. We met her friend Matt there who proved himself to be remarkably astute by dubbing us Starsky and Hutch having only known us for about 5 minutes. Bastard. Hehe...


This is Rosie and she is just b-a-utifil....
She was a) the inspiration for the kenandjerry blog and
b) is our great friend who we lurve and
c) had us to stay for a week in Melbourne and showed us a brilliant time even though we are drunken lushes.
Thanks Rose.
J xoxo

canberry (notice straight lines)


Hey y'all
I am in a strange mood today brought on by listening to too much Johnny Cash. I'm trapped between oh-my-scented-candle-smells-good-dontcha-just-love-sundays and cowboys-dang-my-man's-gon'-hit-me-and-I-gon'-take-it-johnny-cash-angst. I'm not sure if anyone will understand what I mean about that but oh well. It's sunday and it's grey and I'm in Canberra (argh) so I'm allowed to feel a little bit strange.

This is a hella strange town, I have to say. It's really pretty but so obviously created and laid out that it has become strangely soulless. Maybe Johnny Cash made me feel weird coz Johnny Cash got too much cool for this town, this town is not and never will be a place for cowboys and liquor and pain. It's a place, well, put it this way....Jen doesn't know it yet but she's fallen into a place that doesn't exist in time or do.....the Twilight Zone!
- J xox

Saturday, July 23, 2005

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Hang in there.....

Haha! A blog to love and care for! Of course, bordom could be imminent but please, PLEASE just give it a chance. I know there's a lot riding on it but it's all psychological.
Right, maybe another time is better than now to create witty banter among the blogging world. We'll get the hang of it.