Sunday, July 24, 2005

Freedom (maybe)

HA! End of the Film Festival - THANK GOD! No more frantic customers yelling "is that mine? Can I have it takeaway? Is it trim? Are they ours? Is it decaf? Where are mine? I've been waiting for ages" all in one breath. Really... why don't people understand that if there are 15 people ahead of you, your coffee will not magically appear on the bar within 2 seconds? Sorry... really is a huge relief. Swear to God though, those women who were like that are asking for a can o' whipass. Let this be a lesson to you all.
But it's all over. Now back to the torture of university and assignments. Don't quite know which is worse. Still have to wake up early. Ugh! No more standing for 9 consecutive hours though.
Grass is always greener....
So, for now we will remember the happy times. Melbourne being a true highlight. Please all raise your glasses to Rosie and her wonderful flatmates that accomodated us for the 8 days of our stay. Good on ya, mate(s)! May there be many more times ahead. No doubt about it!
Eat the food, Tina....


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