Saturday, July 30, 2005


I am totally incapable of doing any work. Have the simplest of assignments to do by Monday but it's just not happening. Brain has frozen. Seems that J and I are in the same boat when it comes to school work. Very pleased with the Awaroa pics on here. Nice one bruv. I said... NICE ONE BRUVA!!
Anyway, went out last night which was good. Caught up with the lovely (and tanned - bitch) Kate and her friend Jules. Had a few bevvies at our local, Brooklyn, and then progressed to Crowbar. Getting back into the ol' Thursday drinkies again after a month off due to various excursions around the world. I fear though that in the coming weeks I am going to have to tie myself to this chair just so I can get some work done. Not a happy thought.
In fact, what am I doing blogging? Bad K. Very bad.
Diving into the 7th circle of hell.....
K xx


Blogger marty said...

how does this work eh? hmmmm
well hello there happy senoritas,
live broadcast from hamburg, tall dark beer, banks that serve you whatever you like and make one feel like a rich man even when they are actually trying to rob the place. Art, Strong women, carefree students dancing like maniacs. And so they should! thats right lay down your platinum cool cards and make a fool of yourself for yes i have invented a dance that involves a half arm cast and some danish titanium!
I do hope you all understand.

nice work on the blog styles k dog and muchacha J

love marty

9:29 PM  

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