Sunday, July 24, 2005


Hey y'all
I am in a strange mood today brought on by listening to too much Johnny Cash. I'm trapped between oh-my-scented-candle-smells-good-dontcha-just-love-sundays and cowboys-dang-my-man's-gon'-hit-me-and-I-gon'-take-it-johnny-cash-angst. I'm not sure if anyone will understand what I mean about that but oh well. It's sunday and it's grey and I'm in Canberra (argh) so I'm allowed to feel a little bit strange.

This is a hella strange town, I have to say. It's really pretty but so obviously created and laid out that it has become strangely soulless. Maybe Johnny Cash made me feel weird coz Johnny Cash got too much cool for this town, this town is not and never will be a place for cowboys and liquor and pain. It's a place, well, put it this way....Jen doesn't know it yet but she's fallen into a place that doesn't exist in time or do.....the Twilight Zone!
- J xox


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