Monday, December 19, 2005

Ciao, 2005!

Where has this year gone? It would seem that 'they' are right when they say 'The older you get, the faster years go by'. This year hasn't even had time to begin let alone endure another Christmas.

I figure this will be the last post for 2005 seeing as it is now Monday and Christmas is on Sunday. Within this week, disgusting quantities of alcohol and food will be consumed and presents flung in all directions. What a great time of year. Well, not the lead up to it but the actual celebration incorporates all the things I love.

J will be blessing Auckland with her presence tomorrow and I'm extremely excited. However, the BBQ that has been arranged is not looking so hopeful because this week it is meant to rain. And knowing Aucklands meaning of rain, that means thunder and lightning and a possible tornado. Hopefully the weather will realise that it is J arriving and look kindly upon us for just one day. But tomorrow, or Wednesday I will be cracking open my Christmas present from work, a bottle (small... 330ml) of Etoile Biere de Brut Cuvee and sharing it with my bestest friend. I actually think the whole case of it was meant for the owner but he generously donated one to each of his staff. It's from our supplier, DB. Cheers DB! And my boss.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year wherever you may be and arrive safely in 2006.

So, blog 2005, I bid you farewell....

K xx

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

farewell oz

Oh my god it's my last day here in Canberra. What a fast year! I feel as though I've only just arrived and then back I go!

I am so looking forward to the return and to see all my friends again (and Welly - I feel about Welly the same way as New Yorkers feel about New York, it's the best city despite the fog/wind/rain/storms). Canberry has been fun, especially the last half when I managed to make a few friends (oh the shame of being a no-mate AND a geek eugh). I'm going to miss everyone here though. So farewell!

I managed a classics swansong when I invited a few people back to the house after a Homer Conference at the ANU which swiftly turned into an alcohol-swilling symposium. I'm glad my last sunday in Canberra was spent being drunk and disorderly with classicists - it summed up my entire year!

Tonight it's off the the Phoenix - my favourite bar here in Canberra (there are SO few good ones to choose from unlike Welly, where the weather imposes the need for lots o' warm watering holes). Then tomorrow - HOME.

See you all soon Welly-folk. Goodbye and thanks for all the fun Canberries. Keep in touch.


Friday, December 09, 2005

Shits 'n' giggles

There is no reason for this post other than boredom and... no, just boredom. Work was shitty as hell tonight brought on mainly by the total lack of faith the owners have in me. I won't go into detail but really rude fuckers, I have to say. Wanted to throw shit at them. God, I hope they don't read this.

Is it just me, or do the rest of you find amusement (have just realised how totally lame this sounds but I will continue anyway) in the word verification things needed to post on blogs and various other things? The combination of letters, although supposedly totally random, form wonderful words. 'SYFTOS', for example, sounds like an awful Greek venereal disease (easy one, I know) but there are some long 'uns that just conjure up either frightful or amusing, or both, images in my head. I have no life. Shoot me now.

Ha! Now the title of this post makes sense. Shits 'n' giggles. haha. That's it. It's all over for me now. I have lost the plot. Christmas time drives me insane. And as I have said before... 'tis the season to get trolleyed.

K xx

Thursday, December 08, 2005

why bother with fake tan when...........

now you know my shame

That is not my dad (yes it's true) manages to look EVEN MORE embarrassing. For those of you who know him, you will have realised that he only put it on to shame me because that's his favourite game in the world. Bastard.

welcome to california

Hey Hey

Long time no post I know!

I am in the midst of moving and reorganising my life pre-return to Wellywood and I have been striving for some physical improvement. Unfortunately my running programme has been abandoned due to the swarms of flies that PLAGUE this city in summer. Aussies are cool, wave their hands in front of their faces and continue to live normal lives. I, on the other hand, shriek wildly and thrash my whole body about, ducking and writhing and swatting myself with abandon (those of you who have seen me in the presence of moths are familiar with the action!). I look like a crazy person. Dad, in the meantime, discovered a new way to humiliate me just when I thought that I'd become immune to the horrible teenage affliction of shame-by-parentals by wearing what can only be described as an elasticated mosquito-net head covering. It is the most unattractive and at the same time UNIQUE pieces of apparel I have EVER seen. Oh the shame.

I made up for the fly swatting by getting a spray-tan thingy. Not only do I get to not die of cancer, but the foul smell and orange-skinned disguise is confusing to the flies and they leave me alone. Hahah. Made all the more fun by the MOST ATTRACTIVE man in the whole world. He was obviously no brain-surgeon (unless the solarium gig is part-time, plus I doubt it) but was so overwhemingly hot that it made up for it. I think he knew he was hot, and that's OK, cos he was so I didn't mind. Lord have mercy I am DISTRAUGHT that I found him now when I am leaving. The lady at the solarium in Welly probably looks like an elderly hooker on holiday from prison, you know- smoke-smelling, leathery, old, sun ravaged. Wah!

Back to NZ soon, fans, so keep your hair on. Can not wait to see everybody.!!!.

J xoxo

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Wow, I feel so special! Have been working long hours this week (much longer than I had anticipated) but tonight John Cleese came into the bar. His show started last night in the theatre and runs for a few more days but tonight he made an appearance in the actual bar. Really, it's not often that happens, that the performers come and have a drink so tonight has been super exciting. He actually talked to me, man! Admittedly it was about an autograph in the bar book and really nothing to do with me and my response was probably somewhere along the lines of "Yes Mr Cleese, of course Mr Cleese, whatever you want Mr Cleese, you are awesome, may I bow before you." but it seemed like a normal conversation at the time seeing as I was so star-struck and all. Wow! Amazing!
Now I really need to sleep and enjoy my day off tomorrow. I am totally brain fucked from last week. There's a BBQ on the cards if I can summon friends.
K xx

Saturday, December 03, 2005


I am feeling very, very distressed about the execution of Van Nguyen. I know I don't need to explain that to my friends - I believe (and hope) that you all understand. What makes me the most upset is the division of people on this issue here in Australia. There are plenty of people who were supportive of his death, or at least remained unsympathetic to his plight. It makes me feel physically sick. And disillusioned.

This has become a bandwagon-issue, and I realise that I'm another bleeding heart riding it, but I think it deserves to be if it encourages people to think about what happened to that kid, and why, and why we should never, ever let it happen again to anybody.