Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sun, friends and Iggy

Well, I am no longer a Big Day Out virgin. BDO 2006, although apparently smaller than the last few years, lived up to it's name and exceeded my expectations. Iggy of course was the highlight. He is a crazy, crazy man yet oh so awesome.

It started out with a bottle of wine (WELL before the sun was over the yardarm) at home and with that finished, Graeme got into a dress. He he. The three of us eventually left a lot later than planned (Graeme decided not to cross-dress for the event in the end) but got there with plenty of time to spare before the real action started.

We positioned ourselves in one of the cages that supply beer and met a few randoms. There were vague efforts made to meet up with others but in the end it really was just the luck of the draw.

The day was extremely hot and we didn't really know where we were going or what we were doing but we finally set up a semi permanent camp in the main stadium and found a few people.
Kings of Leon was the first major name that we saw. Good but not the highlight. Time plodded on and Franz Ferdinand put on a good show yet J and I were determined to stand at the next door stage because Iggy was playing after that.

He was amazing. Bouncing around all over the place exposing his ass crack the whole time. In retrospect I wish we'd been closer but either way, we were there! We had a good view, just not quite close enough to get some really good photos.

Afterwards, we watched a bit of the White Stripes but were lured towards the excitement of the fair ground rides. The Super Loop had a big queue so we abandoned the main stadium to find the other rides. The Octopus nearly killed me (I was doing a running commentary of our imminent deaths) and within 5 minutes of stumbling away from that, went on the bloody Wipe Out which left us all feeling decidedly awful and we had to take a 10 min sitdown in an attempt to recover. Fat Freddy's was the closing show which (and we should have known this) attracted EVERYONE, all 35,000 people, into one of the smaller stages. The light was odd and crowds were seething. We left pretty shortly after that and came home to have a wind down glass of wine and then bed.

And now, 5 days later, my legs are still killing me. I think that's a sure sign of a good time.

K xx


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ncie one brother..

i feel silly commenting on my own blog.

i don't like the pictures of me at all.

dumb xoxo

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yes you are dumb

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