Thursday, June 22, 2006

Accurate horoscopes.

This horoscope couldn't be more true right now. I am awful. Always get a bit mopey around my birthday. Oh well. Few more days to go yet. And J will be up here so that will make everything much better.
Yay for parties (provided people turn up).
Mopey K xx

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Friday, June 16, 2006


Yay K that's o for awesome.

I arrive next sunday 3pm will be at yours about 3.45 or 4pm ready for a large bloody mary.

I have decided to start my own religion a la L ROn Hubbard. If I combine the Braveheart-inspired, Passion Of The Christ And You leaflet I was given yestersay with the Miyamoto Musashi Book of the 5 Rings that I am reading fro Japanese Law, then I will have the best of both worlds. I can then use Christ's teachings to humiliate my enemies in battle.

For example:

In the first technique, the guard is in the middle position, with the tip of the sword pointed at "Jesus'" face. When you close ranks with "jesus" and "jesus" strikes with the long sword, counter by deflecting it to the right. When "jesus" strikes again, you hit the point of his sword back up; your sword now having bounced downward, leave it as it is until "jesus" strikes again, whereupon you "open your heart to God". Training and practice are imperative.

I'm going to make a fortune.



Exams are over!
That is all I have to say.


To celebrate I am going shopping.
But it has just started raining.
Damn you rain!
Flatmates ceiling started leaking really badly (like a torrent of water from the ceiling).
Damn winter.


See you next week, J!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Braveheart = God.

Hahaha was just accosted by a Christian who told me I'd be going straight to hell (right behind you you crazy bigot, I almost said) and then started quoting Mel Gibson to me. Mel Gibson! FROM BRAVEHEART! I laughed and he said: yeah it's a good quote isn't it! Hahaha. Then he tried to justify hell by asking me to imagine someone had shot my Dad (nice!), said "no sex before Marriage!" (haha too late buddy, but good try!), and then said the way into heaven was not to be good but to ask forgiveness from God and Jesus. I said, in that case I'll wait until just before I die, like the Catholics did for hundreds of years, you Protestant berk (no I din't really). His parting shot was, "You should read the Bible" to which I really did respond, I have, in Ancient Greek just the way St Paul wrote it, how bout that! Hah made me day absolutely. The Mel Gibson quote was quite possibly the most amusing thing I've ever heard. I love the Christians I only wish we could be all Roman on their asses and throw them to the lions when they ceased amusing us.

I regret the last post - bad-breath God-Botherers are WAY better than hot Swedes!

J xo

why sweden will win the world cup coz they hot.

I have an exam on Legislation in a couple of hours so obviously this is the best time to spend valuable minutes cruising the net looking for pictures of hot football players despite the fact that a> he's a cK model too, so any football-playing cachet is lost in a sea of naffness
b> he apparently plays for the other team and I don't mean Norway.

On the other hand I am about to spend a couple of hours in abject agony so need some tasty Swede. He's our office Spunk of the Day and I thought he deserved some Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die respect...

This the absolute bottom of the blog-barrel.

J xo