Thursday, June 15, 2006

Braveheart = God.

Hahaha was just accosted by a Christian who told me I'd be going straight to hell (right behind you you crazy bigot, I almost said) and then started quoting Mel Gibson to me. Mel Gibson! FROM BRAVEHEART! I laughed and he said: yeah it's a good quote isn't it! Hahaha. Then he tried to justify hell by asking me to imagine someone had shot my Dad (nice!), said "no sex before Marriage!" (haha too late buddy, but good try!), and then said the way into heaven was not to be good but to ask forgiveness from God and Jesus. I said, in that case I'll wait until just before I die, like the Catholics did for hundreds of years, you Protestant berk (no I din't really). His parting shot was, "You should read the Bible" to which I really did respond, I have, in Ancient Greek just the way St Paul wrote it, how bout that! Hah made me day absolutely. The Mel Gibson quote was quite possibly the most amusing thing I've ever heard. I love the Christians I only wish we could be all Roman on their asses and throw them to the lions when they ceased amusing us.

I regret the last post - bad-breath God-Botherers are WAY better than hot Swedes!

J xo


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