Tuesday, July 11, 2006

auckland's burning, no just jen

Just spent a week in the Big Ak celebrating K's birthday. Had amazing fun, photos attached. Managed to spend all my money, of course, but it was worth it to spend time with K and Martina and the various odd Ak characters that crossed my path. Had a run-in with a rogue hotty..no not a hotty a la Johnny but a hotty hot water bottle, which burnt me all to hell and has left one hell of a scar. If anyone asks, it's a shark bite. How I got a shark bite while tucked up (warm!) in bed is my business.

Ak put on amazing weather for us..which was a pleasant surpise. I shopped and slept and hung and drank and talked and had an amazing time and it's made my return to Uni oh so much more bearable. I (gasp) quite enjoyed Auckland. Welly is better (I am no traitor) but it was fun.

I am hoping all y'all are happy. I miss those of you who aren't here.

J xoxo


Blogger kenandjerry said...

Maybe it was actually minor Spontaneous Human Combustion. Why blame the hottie?

3:00 PM  
Blogger kenandjerry said...

WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS? my photo loader won't let me do it you have to...

2:23 PM  

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