Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What in God's name is going on?

I'm sorry but does anyone realise that it is March? How have I got here? Where have I come from? Somewhere far, far away.
It seems that since the beginning of this year, particularly since I got back to Auckland, that all aspects of life has been sped up. Having said that, my computer is slower than ever. Typical.
I have seen everyone I have ever met (and some that I haven't) and they have all stayed with me. Every week there is a new arrival sleeping in our spare room. Let's make a list eh?
  • Troels and Marie from Denmark (never met them before but their stuff is still here)
  • Mum
  • J
  • Marty moved up here so that's slightly different
  • Kiran (although he didn't stay)
  • Dani
  • Michail (also from Denmark and previously unmet)
  • and soon to be Natti and Scott who are apparently arriving today

I'm sure there are more. Not that I don't love having people to stay but it has been almost weekly (usually with little or no notice) since the 8th Jan. I feel like my house is a hostel.

Now I feel mean. I really love have people here. It is great. Really. I love you all.

I think I better go before I make this hole bigger.

K xx


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