Friday, May 26, 2006


Argh have to give a seminar in an hour or so and feel both unprepared and bored of the topic. Plus I have to say Maori every sentence for about 20 minutes and will say it wrong and look like a racist. kiya oara and than' kyouow!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

mmmn tasty

Thanks to Rachael who hooked me up with these spunks! Lord ' a'mercy!
J xo

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hennes the Great

Here is our beautiful 'new' car. She's a funny one but sturdy and reliable. Her names is Hennes after the goat on the front (we didn't name her, the German backpackers we bought her off did). The goat is their soccer team's mascot.

Anyway, it seems the purchase was just in time seeing as Auckland has fallen back into it's monsoon season. Marty doesn't seem to believe me that it will remain this way until December. But it means that all my strong comments about not using the car everyday have gone by the wayside. She is a necessity now. It also means that it is easier to get out of the city and home to Welly for holidays. Oh the joy!

As for everything else that has been happening, well... what things? Have done nothing exciting in what seems a very long time. Too much work to do. The most exciting thing was getting one of my boots fixed after the zip broke (and I can tell you, THAT was exciting!).
So until something miraculously blog-worthy happens, I am going to huddle in a blanket that gives me hayfever and figure out how to talk about euthanasia in Sign Language.

Keep warm.

K xx

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Monday, May 08, 2006

3 inches!

dancing with the stars

Neil got me and Rach seats at the PREMIERE of Dancing with the Stars last night out at Avalon studios. While that may be, in fact, the most naff statement I have ever made with no irony, it was really cool. I insisted, of course, in running through every single TV cliche during the show including, but not limited to:

- Oooh it's smaller than it looks on TV.
- Jason Gunn is smaller than he looks on TV.
- What's that do?
- I want one of those.
- Look at that hair.
- Oh how exciting it's Martin Crowe.

The last statement was actually ironic. MArtin's plugs do look quite good though.

There was so much innuendo flying through the air that I felt sullied after by the grimy atmosphere. This included Rodney Hide's dance partner exclaiming with barely concealed contempt: OOh Rodney, you grew 3 inches just then.

Yuck. Apart from that (and the slightly mean song choice of "3 Times a Lady" for Beatrice Faumuina- well, duh..) it was so exciting to see behind the scenes. Neil got to go off and fraternise with the hot ladies in sequins while me and Rach wandered despondently across the cold carpark dreaming of a career in television and sparkly dresses and cut calves....

J xoxox